Are Premium Streaming Apps Worth Downloading on Your PC?

Streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max have become something of a necessity for people who spend a lot of time indoors and who are trying to satisfy their entertainment needs. This is something to be expected as the quality of television shows on “normal” TV is not very high and as viewers waste a lot of time watching one commercial after another. Modern Internet services give viewers the ability to stream blockbuster movies from their TV, mobile device, gaming console or personal computer. Each and every device mentioned above has a software-adjusted streaming application that will allow you to watch whatever you like, regardless if you prefer watching Squid Game on Netflix, Chernobyl on HBO, Hawkeye on Disney Plus, or Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime.


There are those who do not really enjoy having multiple applications on their computers and who believe that you should not have to download dozens of software if your browser can do the same job. In all honesty, these people are not wrong as there are hundreds of entertainment options such as online casino games that can be accessed through a browser with just a couple of clicks. This is the reason why streaming services have a harder time “selling” the idea of their applications to PC users in comparison to those streaming via mobile devices. At the end of the day, the functionality differences will not be very big, so if you want to use a streaming service, then you can pick the way that fits you best.

The Netflix PC Application Might Be Worth Downloading

Netflix is expanding its arsenal adding gaming in its streaming services. Soon, Netflix users will start seeing video gaming options in their streaming library and this addition may be a reason for many people to switch from using a browser to using a Netflix application. Browsers may still be able to run Netflix games at a satisfactory level, but it is certain that the application will allow for a much better functionality. By adding a gaming library, Netflix is trying to beat the competition by offering even more features to its over 200 million subscribers.


Disney Plus – A Product That Is Still Under Development

Recently, Disney launched a Disney Plus streaming app for Windows, giving its members another option in terms of being able to access the contents of the Disney Plus library. The release of the application was received very positively by PC users, but the actual product is still in need of improvements. Disney’s developers are working hard in order to fix the bugs that are affecting the streaming service on multiple environments and even though things are starting to look better, there are still many things that need to be addressed before Disney Plus gets to the level of Netflix.

HBO Max Offers Amazing Contents on an Outdated Environment

While Netflix is evolving at impressive speeds and Disney Plus is trying to fix everything that went wrong because of its rushed release, HBO Max seems to be stuck in the past. The applications of the service on multiple environments need to be revamped. HBO members can find amazing movies and series, but there are many that get annoyed by the low user experience quality.

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