How to Download Beetv App v2.3.8 for Android, iOS and Windows PC?

There are tons of people who want something simpler instead of going for different sites for watching their favorite shows.   However thanks to the Beetv app it’s not impossible, as now you can get everything in one place and watch anything that you like without worrying about anything.  The app is not just recommended for watching the shows that you like but it is also gaining popularity due to its easy access and money-saving like features. With the help of the app, you get more than 300 different shows, films, and series in different languages and periods in your device.  Along with that, you also get the free access to everything which means you don’t need to pay anything.

Well, in short, Beetv app is designed in order to help the entertainment lover people to get complete access without any restriction on time or place.  The app is also focused on availing the interface which can be easy and simple for every kind of users. You can even stream different shows based on different languages as you get the subtitle that will help you in understanding.  Apart from that, you get the full control of the app and you are free to watch whatever you want to.


Beetv not just avails tons of different shows, but in addition, you get the quality in the videos. The content you get here is available in HD quality that boosts the efficiency of the app. It’s a simple and easiest option that you get; also it’s ideal if you want something instead of wasting your time on paid apps.  There are a lot more benefits that you get which make this offer more profitable and enjoyable too.

Beetv App Features:

There are tons of different things that you get with the app. Beetv is one of the apps that you can use for watching different films and series. Also for those who like to watch new shows and films, for them, it’s an ideal choice that you can choose. Well, the reason behind the popularity of the app is its features and its other benefits which make the accessibility much easier.  There is a list of features that you get along with the Beetv app, here is what you need to know:

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The app is free: There are tons of other apps that you can get in the market where you get similar features. But if you want to have something where you don’t need to spend money then Beetv is going to be your best option. Also, there are no hidden or extra charges as the app is 100% free for the users. Just download it and start using.

Offline or Online streaming: The app comes with the inbuilt player which helps the user to get the video in offline and online streaming both. You can watch your favorite movie or shows whenever you like as you are able to access it in both ways.

Watch quality videos: Here the app avail the HD quality in the videos which let you enjoy the show in highest video quality so you can get the best out of it. Along with that, if you want to set the quality of video by setting the picture quality then you are free to do so as it comes with options 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Not just that, there are other multiple benefits you get other than that the quality of the video.

Share it on the big screen: If you like to watch the movies in a bigger screen apart from your mobile or any other device then don’t worry you can simply use the chrome cast for sharing it.  Also, it’s easy as well as simple to do that.

Torrent download: you can even download it with the help of a torrent as it’s easily available and faster too.

Notification: Are you worried that you might miss any new updates? Well with the Beetv you get the feature notification which makes sure to notify you when the app updates any episodes or new films so you don’t miss anything.

Different language shows: here you get the vast options in films in different languages so you don’t miss out anything good. For helping you in understand you get eth subtitles in your language with easy translation. It’s not just good for those who like to watch different films but it also avails you the best things to watch without the barrier of languages.

How to Download Bee TV App on your Devices (Android/PC/iOS)?

Downloading Beetv is pretty simple for anyone. You can easily find the app as its available on its official website. If not there then you can also go with any third party as there are lots of options that you get on the internet. You just have to do the basic search for finding a trustworthy option.  Not just that there are other lots of things you should know when you are downloading eth app for your device, well here are the steps that you need to take if you are going to download this app in your device like PC, iOS or Android.

Beetv Apk for Android:


It’s easy to download Beetv app for your android, however, don’t forget to understand the basic steps that will help you in downloading app smoothly. Also If you are going it for the first time, then these steps will surely be going to save you lots of time and energy.

Step 1:  Download the apk from the below:   The app is not available directly on the Google store or play store

Step 2:  Enable your device for the third party: The Android comes with an option where mostly you don’t have the access to download the files from a third party or unknown source for security and safety reasons.  Well, the android might download the file but for next process, you are going to need the permit your device for further process as well as for installing the app in your device.

Step 3:  Change the settings, here is how:  it’s simple to enable the device for third party installation, as you just need to change the setting in your android. Basically, you have to go to the ‘Setting’ option, then find the security option and click on it.  Here you will get the tab ‘unknown sources’ just tick on it and your device is ready.

Step 4: Install the app: once the setting is changed and saved, you will be able to continue with the installation process.  Make sure that the app installed properly as for that wait until you get the successful installation message pop up.

Step 5:  Launch the app: The app is now installed in your device. Find the app in the app tray of your android device. Click on it and you are all set for enjoying your favorite series and films without spending anything.

Beetv for iOS:

Beetv is surely the easiest streaming app which let you enjoy your favorite shows with the finest quality and simplest process. Well, you can download the app for your iOS too, for that you are going to need proper information as there are a few steps. However, it’s not difficult, so eve you are new to this you will be able to understand. Here is how you can do it:

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Step 1: Browse Safari:  the first step that you are going to do is to open the safari browser for searching with the app.  Well do the basic search and you will find different sites where you will get the links for downloading the app in your iOS device.

Step 2:  Search the site: once you get the list of sites, make sure to find the site where you can get the safe link for downloading the Beetv app. Along with that, it should be reliable and also easy.

Step 3:  Download the app:  if you are sure about the site, then go for the downloading option.  Mostly you get the link where you have to click and the downloading start automatically.  If not then see the process that the site mentioned.

Step 4:  wait for completing the process: well downloading will take a few seconds. Make sure that your internet connection and signal is not weak. As sometimes due to this downloading process fails or take time more than it should.  If everything is okay, wait till the downloading complete.

Step 5:  Tap the shortcut: Once the downloading is complete, you will next step which in installing the app.  Just follow the instruction for completing the process fast. After the installation complete, you will get a shortcut. Tap on it for launching, wait as it will take time in collecting data and arranging the file for you.

Beetv for PC:

Not just for your android and iOS but also you can enjoy watching different films and series in your PC too. Beetv is also available for the PC, however, it is important you understand the steps that you need to take so you can download as well as install the app easily and without facing any kind of hassle.


Step 1: Find an android emulator:  well for using the app in your pc the first thing that you are going to need is to find an android emulator which can help. However, there are several options to make sure you choose the ideal one. If you are confused you can also go with Bluestacks

Step 2:  install the Bluestacks: Get the app and install it.

Step 3: Download the app:  once the Bluestacks is downloaded is completed the next thing that you need to do is to download the Beetv app. it’s not available directly which means you have to find this app in third-party sites.

Step 4: Run the app via Bluestacks:   next step you need to take is to run the Beetv app with Bluestacks.

Step 5: Wait for installing process:   after that the app will start the installation process. You have to wait as it will take some time to complete it.

Step 6: Launch the app:  once it’s done, you will get Beetv app in your pc. You are all set to launch and to enjoy the streaming app without facing any hassle.


Now it’s much easier to get access to your al favorite series and films without wasting too much time. Just download the Beetv app, you can get the app for your android, iOS and even for PC.  Along with a list of helpful and amazing features, the app is simple and comes with user-friendly access.  Apart from that, you will get the new episodes and films every day without delaying any minute.

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