Cydia Download for all iOS versions on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Now here is a new App in the market that has got very popular among the users. But everyone surely does not know what the Cydia is. Now have you ever wondered why the iPhone users cannot get the theme their friends have or why you cannot do things that other users can do who are not using iPhone or iPad. Well, then no need to have such curiosities anymore as now with this Cydia app now iPhone users can also customize their iPhone or iPad. Isn’t it seems quite an interesting app to use? Talking about Cydia, it is the third party application meant for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So today in this article I will help you with a complete guide on what Cydia is, how it can be used and Cydia download guide for iOS devices.

What is Cydia?

Cydia app is developed Saurik, and now Cydia Installer can be also installed on Android devices as well. Cydia is almost the jailbreak equivalent of the iOS app store. It is an app where you can get all the apps, themes, tweaks and much more so that you can customize your iOS devices in whichever way you want to. Has it many thousands of different options to choose from? It can be said that it is the only place that a jailbreaker can get their required apps and tweaks from.

Although you cannot install Cydia directly from the official site, there are certain ways in which Cydia can be downloaded. You will need to jailbreak your device and get it downloaded with the help of various installation tools.

If we see little history of Cydia, you will find that in 2008 an alternative was released for on iOS 1.1 and this was called as Cydia.

Hence Cydia is an open source application or an alternative for installation of any third party applications. Cydia has now become very popular and has about 4 millions of downloads and is largely used among iPhone users. The best part is that Cydia is a great platform where one can build even their own apps that are not given by Apple store.


Now after knowing that Cydia is such a useful app and is powerful enough to customize your iOS device or give your iOS devices a completely new look. Further, there are many more features that make this Cydia app more useful. So let’s see-Directly with the use of Safari browser you can get this fantastic app on your iOS device. Well, no need of PC or any other equipment then.With a single click, Cydia app will be with you. Yes, you read it right the Cydia app can be installed on your iPhone and other devices with the single click and that too in few seconds.

You can easily upgrade to Cydia pro if you like Cydia and its awesome functional features.The best part with Cydia app is that, it is compatible with all of your iOS devices and versions. Well, this may make you think to try Cydia for once to know what all it can do and help to customize your iPhone, iPad or any other devices.

Cydia Download – How will you get It?


Now after when you have known so much about Cydia the most important question is how can you get the Cydia app that will let you customize your iOS devices.  Well, there is one way to get Cydia Installer either from Safari or by jail breaking your iOS device. Apart from this, there is Cydia Pro which is one of the easiest and the only way from where you can download Cydia to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Cydia pro has a user-friendly interface, so it becomes very easy for one to use Cydia download without any mess. Cydia Pro is the most trusted site from where you can get this Cydia app. So following these easy and straightforward steps, you can get Cydia for your iOS devices.

Method 1- Using Safari:

One can directly download the Cydia app on iOS device:

Step 1– Firstly make sure that you have the latest version of iOS installed on your phone.

Step2– Now go to Safari browser pre-installed on your iPhone and click to open.

Step 3– Open the website by typing the URL as and tap on that to open. You can, type the latest iOS version in the URL.

Step4– After when the web page gets loaded then tap on the upper arrow that you can see at the bottom-most part of the page.

Step 5– Clicking on this arrow will open the new options on the same screen. From there you will have to choose to Add to home screen option.

Step 6– Now this will give you the option to save the Cydia app directly on the home screen creating a shortcut.

Step7– Rename the app as Cydia.

Step 8– After now when you have got the Cydia app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap on this to launch it.

Now you are ready to use this excellent app and its themes and tweaks to customize your iPhone or iPad giving it a new look.  Apart from this the another method that can be applied to get Cydia app installed on your iOS devices is to get it by jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad by Pangu as it is the most popular system used for jail-breaking of Apple devices.

Method 2- Using Jailbreak Pangu 9:

Step 1– In this method, you need to launch iTunes and then connect your device to the computer.

Step2– First backup all your apps and then you can close iTunes.

Step 3– Download Pangu 9 for the jailbreak of your device.

Step 4– Connect your iOS device to PC or Mac and then an open utility like Administrator mode in windows.

Step5– Wait for the jailbreak to detect your device and then tap on the Start button, to begin with the process.

Step 6– Let or allow the utility to jailbreak your device.

Step 7– Once Cydia app will appear on the home screen of your iOS device, and then your jailbreak is completed.

Step8– Now configure the Cydia app by clicking it and then start downloading the Cydia app.

Hence, With jail breaking your device is successful downloading and installing of Cydia app.

Is Cydia Safe to Use?

Well, in the beginning, Cydia obviously was not considered among Apple users, but now this is not the case. Like it is said you must take chances sometimes so same is the case. Since with Cydia, the apps are not tested therefore chances are there that it may bring with it some malicious content. First, when you open Cydia installer, you will encounter following five tabs.

Home: On the home page, you will find some of the sponsored apps. Also, you will get account information, sources FAQ as well some important settings.

Changes: The second tab is for all new programs and update. This particular tab is as such that whenever you will open Cydia this tab will be updated.

Search: If you know the name of the theme or any tweak you specially want then this tab is quite useful for you simply by entering the name in search engine.

Sections: There are several apps in this tab which are divided into categories that make it easy to choose from. Select the category that you want to and then start your searching for the themes or tweak.

Manage: This tab allows you to manage Cydia as well you can also add sources and repositories, remove some programs.

Well, now this was the complete guide for Cydia, and I guess all the related doubts and questions now would have been solved with the detailed guide. Hope this makes your Cydia downloading easy. Further, for any queries do not forget to write!

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