How to Download EMUS4U for iPhone / iPad on iOS Device?

Emus4u is one of the popular app installer for iOS devices that allows you to download various apps and games that are not available on the official App Store. EMUS4U is one of the trusted third party app installers for iOS devices along with other app installers such as AppValley and TutuApp. If you want to download EMUS4U for iPhone or other Apple devices, you should keep in mind that it is not that easy. Downloading EMUS4U for iPad and other iOS devices cannot be done straight away and can be downloaded and installed only through a process known as jailbreaking.


The official iOS App Store follows some strict policies and does not allows the users to download tweaked and hacked apps in the phone or other devices. The official iOS App Store also does not allow the cracked versions of any games or similar apps. So this makes things very difficult for the users who need to download these tweaked apps and games. So for those users who want these tweaked apps and games at any cost to be downloaded into their iOS device, EMUS4U is the best option for them. So they will be going for the EMUS4U download through the process of jail breaking and once they have installed the EMUS4U, they can easily download any apps that are not available on the official iOS App Store.

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EMUS4U offers some of the most useful features to its users and one of the major benefits of  EMUS4U is that it is App Store independent.  EMUS4U also works without jailbreak and is very much legal. Its latest and interactive design and easy navigation options makes  EMUS4U very much easy for the users. Another peculiarity of  EMUS4U is that all the apps available over here is completely free to download and you do not need to pay anything. The inbuilt cache cleaner of  EMUS4U helps to clean the cache files from your phone memory when the device performance starts getting slower. So overall, EMUS4U can be one of the best options for our Apple devices if you wish to download all types of apps that are restricted by the official App Store.

As discussed above, it is not that much easy to download EMUS4U for iPhone and other iOS devices. So for those who does not have experience in downloading such type of apps, they will face some initial difficulty. Here we will discuss and explain how we can download EMUS4U for iPhone and install it for you to download all the restricted apps by the official App Store.

So here are the steps that require you to download EMUS4U on your iPad or other iOS devices. So let us have a look at these steps carefully. Make sure that you carry out the installation process accurately to avoid any potential errors.

1) Launch the Safari browser by going to the home screen of your device.

2) TYPE EMUS4U App in the address bar of the browser and then tap go.

3) Tap the “Install” option from the prompt window which  ask to install a configuration profile.

4) If a pass code is required, enter it and press on “Install.”

5) Once again you need to click the “Install” option in the menu and it will then start installing the EMUS4U profile on the device.

6) When the installation process is complete, click “Done” and then return to the main home screen.

7) Now you can click on the EMUS4U icon and it will open the EMUS4U app.

8) Now, click on the app tabs that are seen at the bottom.

9) You can now start downloading the apps and games that you wish to download on your iOS device.

So now you have downloaded EMUS4U on your iOS device and you are now ready to download your favorite apps and games which you wished for a long time. There might also be some error and troubleshooting that requires during the downloading process of EMUS4U. In case you feel any difficulties while downloading EMUS4U on your iOS device, you can go back and check the network settings of your device.

If you are using Safari browsers, errors are less likely to occur and it you are trying to download EMUS4U using other methods, you might face some kind of errors. In case you are using Safari browsers and still facing errors while downloading EMUS4U on your iOS device, the next thing that you can do is to reset the factory settings of your iOS device. Once you have reset the factory settings, you can start downloading and installing the EMUS4U app again on your iOS device.

So, hope that you have got a fair idea about how to install EMUS4U app on your iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices and not you can start trying this once you are sure that you have read the steps properly. Please Check out the YouTube video for downloading..

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