FaceTime for Android Apk Download – Best Alternatives to Facetime App

Does Apple make Facetime for Android? Check out the detailed step by step guide on FaceTime Download App for Android APK, Windows PC, and iPhone. Have a glimpse! The technology is currently developing at a rapid pace since the last few years. Meanwhile, the usage of electronic devices also enhanced in a great way. People have become extremely used to various technology related stuff in such a way that they have totally relied on the artificial intelligence and modernization. The knowledge of computers, PCs, smartphones have increased ranging from common people to the highly sophisticated folks and Government as well.

Earlier, people have struggled a lot in order to communicate with one another. With the evolution of mobile devices, the efforts of people have diminished to a greater extent. On the latest smartphones that are entering the electronics market, the people can find a plethora of apps and other beneficial stuff. There are a copious number of companies that manufacture high-end smartphones with numerous useful features and specifications.

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Among the extensive range of devices, Apple iPhone is one of the leading devices in the market. Unlike Android, It is pretty much arduous for the people to use iPhone designed apps on other mobile operating systems. FaceTime is one of the most prevalent and renowned apps that we can find on an Apple Device. But, not everyone has the ability to purchase Apple phones as they are extremely expensive. Even if you have a device that runs OS other than iOS, there is a great possibility of using FaceTime application on that particular device. In such a way, technology has developed so as to ease the day to day survival of the people across the world.

What is FaceTime App?

Keeping the Apple iOS users in mind, the developers have designed the FaceTime application specifically for the iOS running devices. Despite incorporated solely on the iOS platform, We have an extensive range of 3rd party websites that help people to render the versions of this app on other device software. If you are pretty incognizant about FaceTime app or unaware of its usage, We are here to help you in knowing the complete info here. The proficient developers at Apple Incorporation have designed and released FaceTime application for various iOS devices. With an intention to ease the communication between the people, Apple developers have launched FaceTime for iOS.

As there is an immense urge for the communication-related apps these days, the strife has increased in the due course. In the current market, there are a huge number of Android users in comparison with iOS or other platform users. In order to acquire the ability to use FaceTime for Android, Windows and other PC based platforms, we are here today. FaceTime is one of the best video calling apps that let the users make both voice and video calls at high video and voice quality. On this post, We have provided an in-depth guide that lets the users download FaceTime for Android, Windows PC, and Windows Phone.

Top-notch Features of FaceTime App

As we all know that FaceTime is the widely used application especially by the iOS users. Have you ever wondered the special thing about FaceTime? There might be definitely some interesting stuff within this app. Due to that particular feature, FaceTime might have acquired mammoth craze among the users. If you are quite eager to find its uniqueness, just have a look at the excellent features of FaceTime app.

  1. Exceptional for iOS Device Platform
  • FaceTime app is solely supported on the apps available on iTunes App Store of Apple Company.
  • This means that FaceTime is wholly intended for all the iOS devices legitimately.
  1. Make Free Video Calls
  • We can define FaceTime app in short as a video calling application.
  • The most beneficial feature of FaceTime for iPhone, Mac, and iPad is it’s easy to use video calling feature.
  1. Simple User Interface
  • By just using a single tap, you can begin video call directly through the easy to use user interface.
  • Through the FaceTime app, you can be at 2 separate locations at a time.
  1. No Timer for Data Calls Time Duration
  • Unlike the conventional apps, FaceTime app doesn’t make a note of the time for the usual data calls.
  1. Security Factor
  • The developers of FaceTime app have designed this app in such a way that it is fully free from the malware and viruses.
  • In addition to this, the FaceTime app befits the Android and Windows platforms.
  1. Multiple Features Usage at a time
  • The users of FaceTime app can easily acquire access to various features simultaneously without much effort.
  • You can carry out speaking to a person on a call in the background. On the other hand, you can open some other app and access it on your iPhone.

In addition to this, the users can mute the audio if you confront any kind of disturbance whilst video calling.

  1. Camera Alignment
  • One can easily access both the rear and front cameras of your device using FaceTime app.
  • This particular Camera orientation is solely based on the preference of the user.
  1. Make Free Voice and Video Calls
  • One of the excellent features of FaceTime app is the ability to make voice and video calls absolutely for free of cost.
  • If the specific user isn’t engrossed towards video call making, he/she can simply go for voice calls via FaceTime app.
  1. Visibility Settings Priorities
  • The users can easily make specific settings on visibility front.
  • It means that if you don’t want getting diverted by other people when you’re on an important call, you can simply turn off the visibility in such a situation.

  1. Position Adjustment on Front Camera
  • If some video call is in the active state, you can align the position of the front camera by making use of the PiP Image.

FaceTime App for iPhone Download – Step by Step Installation Process

In fact, FaceTime is purely an iOS-based app designed and developed by the Apple iOS developers in the year 2010. This app supports various versions of iOS ranging from iOS 4 and above versions of the platform. On the other hand, FaceTime also works in the best way on MAC devices. Some of the platforms on which FaceTime app is supported include iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, iPad Mini, iPad Air and a lot more. All the iOS device users are the official and foremost clients to this FaceTime app.

If the people have iPhone, Mac, and iPad devices then, they become the primary users of FaceTime app. They hold the complete right to download FaceTime for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. This app fosters the iPhone device users in an elite fashion. Here, we have compiled each and every detail about FaceTime for iPhone. Some of the details include the FaceTime App Download on iPhone and other iOS devices.

FaceTime Supported iOS Devices:

In reality, FaceTime is an app designed by the Apple developers specifically for the iOS device users. Based on the device algorithms, FaceTime app supports a slew of iOS devices and allows users to make use of the best features. Check the list of supported iOS devices and their respective versions/models.

  1. Apple iPhone – Supports iPhone 4 and above versions of the platform
  2. Mac Book – Compatible with Mac OS X v10.6.6 and higher versions
  3. iPad – Supports iPad Mini or iPad 2 and subsequent versions of OS
  4. iPod – Compatible with 4th Generation iPod Touch and above versions.

How to Download FaceTime App on iPhone or iPad Devices?

Follow the simple steps for downloading FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad devices:

  • First of all, visit the iTunes App Store on your Apple iOS Device.
  • You can simply type ‘FaceTime’ in the search field on the store.
  • Just explore for the precise FaceTime app from the list of apps appeared on the screen.
  • From the list of search results, you must pick the correct latest version of FaceTime app.
  • Click to Download the app and head over the installation process.
  • After the successful completion of installation, you can launch FaceTime on your iOS device.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to launch the app and start communicating with your fellow beings.

Account Configuration on FaceTime

  • Once you are done with the launch of FaceTime app, you must set up your account on this app.
  • In order to set up the account, you should enter your mobile number in the provided field.
  • Synchronize your contact list to the device in order to explore for the users who use this FaceTime app.
  • Later, you must sign into the account using Apple ID.

  • The sign-in process allows the users to update the app whenever required.
  • You must associate your caller ID with the email IDs. This will eventually let the people contact you without any effort.
  • Apple will then verify the information you have provided. Some of the details include email validation, location, and mobile number.
  • Soon after the completion of account configuration, you can start making calls to any of them from the contact list.

  • Choose your desired contact name and pick the type of call you wish to make i.e. either video or voice call.
  • Based on your preference, you can switch the primary and secondary cameras whilst making the video call.

Facetime for Android Download – Best Alternative

Reasons for not having the possibility to get FaceTime for Android: The Android platform users don’t have the ability to use FaceTime app on their devices. There is no chance to make calls using FaceTime. There is a slew of video calling apps available on Play Store for all the Android users. Once you ensure that the caller and receiver have the same video calling apps on their mobiles, you can begin the video or voice call without any hassle. Android is an open source platform that offers numerous customization features for its users.

In spite of the ability, the users need to obtain cooperation from the trusted 3rd party websites for adding the customization features. Despite having the compatibility of FaceTime with Android, the app makes use of traditional media and networking technologies. In order to get FaceTime for Android, the company has to do something like rolling out a newer FaceTime version exclusively for Android users. We hope that change soon happens in the market. As of now, try to satisfy yourself by downloading the Alternatives to FaceTime for Android device and enjoy face to face calling.

Why is FaceTime Best Video Calling App over other Apps?

FaceTime is undoubtedly the prevalent app among the iOS device users. Android is the widely popular mobile platforms across the world. There is a slew of apps available on the web that lets the users make free calls using their devices. A maximum number of people use Android platforms as the Android mobile devices are the best affordable smartphones for any class of the individual. Are you seeking for a way to use FaceTime for Android? Sadly, there is no other possibility for the Android users to use this video calling app on their devices. However, you don’t have to disappoint for not being able to download and use it on Android. If there is FaceTime video calling app for Apple users, there are tons and tons of face to face chatting apps for the Android users.

FaceTime is one of the most popular video calling apps compatible on iOS and Mac device platforms. On this video calling app, the users can easily make face to face calls, free voice and video calls and a lot more. There are numerous video calling apps available on the web. But, FaceTime app has some prominence among the users across the globe. If you are not an iOS user, you can choose some other video calling application. There is a copious number of alternatives to Facetime for Android available on the web for all the users. In this post, we have come up with a list of the best alternatives to FaceTime video calling application. Have a look!

Best Alternatives to FaceTime for PC and Android:

Here, we have compiled a list of the best alternative apps to FaceTime for PC and Android device. Check it out!

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the best FaceTime alternative for all the Android device users. There are billions of people across the globe who make use of Facebook. It is the popular social networking website that offers a slew of features for all the users. Among the excellent features, there is a video calling feature available for all the Messenger utilizing folks. Facebook Messenger is the simplest way of communicating with the friends and beloved ones like texting, voice and video calls and much more. Facebook is the cross-platform application that lets you communicate with others like Android, iOS, desktop and a lot more. You can either make audio or video call by making use of Facebook Messenger. You can directly download Facebook Messenger from the Google Play Store app store marketplace.

2. Google Hangouts 

Google, the giant search engine platform has introduced this Google Hangouts application available for all the users. This is an absolutely free to use application available on the web. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is the best messaging app that allows the users to send instant messages, make free voice and video calls and a lot more. This app allows the users to send text messages to about 100 people at the same time. There is a huge collection of emojis, stickers and a lot more features available on Google Hangouts.


LINE is another best video calling application that helps the users to make free voice and video calls for free of charge. Apart from free calling, LINE also allows the users to send messages to their friends and loving ones. Just like the Google Hangouts, the users can also make use of emojis, emoticons and other funny stickers on LINE messaging application. It is the best cross-platform application that allows the users to send messages from one mobile operating system to other OS with much ease. The users can easily download and install this LINE application directly from the Google Play Store app store marketplace.

4. Skype

Skype is the most popular video calling application available for all the users and It is the best alternative to Facetime for Android. Skype is the best cross-platform application that allows the users to make free voice calls, video calls, and instant text messages, chat conversations and a lot more. On Skype, you can save the contacts of your friends with much ease. At a time, you can make video chat or call with about 10 friends.


5. Viber

Viber is another best video calling application or best alternative to FaceTime app available on the web. On this app, the users can make free voice and video calls. As of now, more than 600 million users across the globe make use of this Viber messaging application. Besides chatting feature, the users can also find some of the latest on-going things in the world. You can download Viber app from Google Play Store.

6. Tango Messenger

Another best alternative to FaceTime app is Tango Messenger. It is free to download and use application available for all the Android device users. Tango Messenger is compatible with Android and iOS device platforms. This application allows the people to make international, landline and other calls without paying a single penny. On the Tango Messenger, You can find in-app purchases of e-cards and a lot more stuff. The users can make use of interesting stickers, games and other filters that enhance their chatting experience. Similar to Facebook Messenger, the users of Tango Messenger has the ability to follow their friends or other popular personalities. The Tango Messenger is available to download from Google Play Store for free of charge.

7. Google Duo

Google has designed and developed a new video calling app for all its Android device users. Google Duo supports both Android and iOS device platforms. This app is compatible with various options such as one-to-one video calls through Wi-Fi and other means of communication. It is available for all the people absolutely for free of cost. Google Duo is currently available for downloading it from Google Play for all the Android users and We can say that Google Duo is the Alternative to Facetime for Android.


8. IMO

Most of the people across the world utilize the IMO application on their Android and iOS device platforms. It provides a huge number of conventional features for making free video calls through this app. Some of the compatible features supported by IMO include voice calls, video calls through 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi modes. In addition to free calling, the users can also send text messages either individually or in groups. Another best feature of IMO is the ability to share videos and photos between the users. One of the interesting features of IMO is it encrypts the text messages as well as the calls of the users. This helps you to make your conversations more secure and confidential.

That’s all! Here ends the list. These are some of the best FaceTime app alternatives available on the web for various platform users like Android, iOS and much more. Hope you have acquired the complete information concerning the best alternatives to FaceTime for Android. We have just placed the top-most alternative apps to FaceTime on this post. This is the simple and detailed method to download and install FaceTime on your iOS device. Hope you have understood the complete info about FaceTime for PC, iPhone, and other platforms.

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