How to Download Facetime App for Windows PC and Laptops?

We all are aware that Apple has launched the FaceTime app and made it prevalent among the users as the best video calling app. Facetime for PC is available to Mac OS only Officially but we have various methods to use Facetime on Windows PC & Laptop too. Facetime app was originally designed and developed for various iOS devices. With the evolution of FaceTime for iOS, the existing messaging and calling apps had to struggle so as to compete with this powerful application. Another best thing about FaceTime is that it is available completely for free on iOS platform.

This particular element had turned it out as the compelling application. That’s the reason the users of different platforms are checking whether FaceTime is compatible with Windows PC or not. Apple has rolled out immense features to FaceTime since its initiation into the app market. Most of the non-Apple device users are looking forward to accessing FaceTime on their platforms too.

Download Facetime for PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/7 :

The bitter truth is that FaceTime is not available for the platforms other than Apple iOS devices. There is no possibility to use emulators for accessing FaceTime for PC Windows. If you don’t want to purchase a Mac or weary of using a FaceTime alternative then, just walk through the best ways provided below. Check out the detailed guide on how to use FaceTime on Windows PC through different methods. Have a glimpse!

FaceTime is an amazing video chat application that lets the users chat with their friends and companions through video. This app originally designed and developed by the giant software company Apple for all the iOS users. This application is compatible with iOS and Mac device platforms.


The FaceTime application allows you make free video calls and chat with your friends for free of cost. If you have Windows operating system running on your system or Laptop, there is a possibility of downloading FaceTime for PC as well. Using FaceTime audio feature, the users can make free voice calls without any hassle.

FaceTime helps the people to stay in touch with those you adore the most ranging from your family members to your childhood friends. Despite having numerous sources to connect with people like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more, the Windows users are craving to use FaceTime on PC. With the FaceTime app, one can easily make video chat with others in real time.

Notable Features of FaceTime:

FaceTime comes packed with abundant features and turns it into a fantastic application for both home and business purposes. Check out the list of significant features of FaceTime provided below.

Name FaceTime For PC
Windows Supported Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supported Operating System Windows
File Size 21 MB
Rating 4.6
Total Downloads 56 Million+
Last Updated June 27th, 2018
  • One can easily make both audio and video calls to any other individual through an Apple device.
  • With the assistance of Wi-Fi or mobile data, people can make free voice or video calls.
  • Just with a single tap, you can answer the calls whenever someone calls you on FaceTime.
  • You need not have to spend a single penny to make or receive calls on FaceTime. No domestic and international charges.
  • However, specific data charges will be applicable for those who are accessing the internet via their mobile network.
  • One can share everything with others through the use of iPhone and iPad’s front and rear camera.
  • There is no hectic setup process for FaceTime app. One can set it up just by using their Apple ID and password.

Video Calling:

Of course, the primary feature of Facetime is video calling where it offers the best among others. Facetime for PC allows you to make video calls without any charges anywhere in the world at any time. It offers great video quality but for that, you surely need to have a good internet connection. But the case where despite having a good internet connection, apps tend to lack speed and efficiency, Facetime is the app which is reliable there.

Audio Calling:

Along with the video calling feature, Apple has also added the audio calling feature which is as efficient or consistent in a performance like normal phone calls. This means that even if you are not into video calling or might not have such good camera; audio calling is a true countable feature here. People are profoundly using Facetime to make a voice calls around the world just like the regular phone without any regulation of the communication companies irrespective of the price and location. It’s again free of charge with the good quality with broader reach.

High Quality Uninterrupted Calling:

Facetime for computer program ensures the high-quality audio in addition to video calls. It’s possible to create both calls in HD quality. Note that it absorb a lot of data in the time of video calling before making any telephone make certain you have a fantastic relationship with an unlimited information.

Picture-in-Picture Interface Feature:

This feature is another characteristic of this program which let you see how you are looking while another person is on the screen. So it is going to show your little picture at the right time of video phone together with other with that person’s image on a display.

Facetime Interface:

Another plus point is it is an outstanding user-friendly interface that will make you to fall in love with it. The interface is so much easily jotted down in an effective design that it serves to everyone. If you want, then you quickly navigate between video texts and conference and enter the full-screen style. The options are well-organised and highly accessible with ease, makes this whole process of video calling as fast as phone calls.

Hide/Block Calls:

The privacy is also respected with the application where you can easily block or hide any personal contact. This allows you to neglect those people who bother you or you want to ignore. The whole video calling experience should be with the people you really want to communicate, so nothing prevents you to use this application all the time.

Conference Calls:

Another fun feature of the Facetime is the conference calls where multiple users can talk to each other at the same time. It can be great for friends discussing their future travel plans or could be great for creative groups. Also to mention, you can sync all contacts to your Facetime app, so need to find them separately.

Download Facetime for PC on Windows 7/8.1/10 :

You can download facetime on pc with windows OS using any iOS emulator. we would preferably use ipadian [You need to pay for this App] as its one of the best ios emulators out there. Now Without wasting much of your time I would like to dive in straight to the point.


  • First you need to download ipadian from the This Link.[Remember this is Paid App]
  • After you finish downloading iPadian, we need to install it.
  • Doubleclick on the .exe file in your downloads folder to start the installation process.
  • After the installation process completes, you can see the ipadian icon on your desktop. Double click on it to run it.
  • Now search for FaceTime for PC in the search bar and then double-click to launch it.
  • Then you need to setup your facetime app using your email id & phone number using which people can call you on facetime.
  • You will be charged for the SMS confirmation while setting up Facetime Account. Don’t worry its a one time fees.
  • There is an option to use Facetime with phone number or email id. However you can select both.
  • Now open Facetime App and dial your friend’s number to make free facetime video calls !!

How to Use FaceTime on Windows PC Using Remote Desktop?

Is there is a possibility to get FaceTime for PC? Yes, we have a potential to access FaceTime on PC using a remote desktop. Still, there are few cautions for the people who are seeking to use FaceTime on PC. As there is no availability of running FaceTime on the platforms other than Apple products, the only solution is to remotely control it on a Mac.

One can use Google Chrome Remote Desktop to use FaceTime on Windows PC. All you need to have is a Google account and Google Chrome installed on your PC. Apart from the above requirements, you need to have a working Mac computer. Follow the simple steps provided below to use FaceTime app on PC using Remote Desktop. You can easily run this app on your Mac and PC.

  • First of all, install Google Chrome on your Windows PC and Mac computer as well.
  • You can search for Chrome Remote Desktop or you can install this application on your Chrome browser using the link on this page.
  • Ensure that you provide Chrome Remote Desktop access to both the devices i.e., Mac and PC.
  • Navigate to Chrome App Launcher and you can launch the remote desktop application.
  • You need to enable remote connections on your Windows PC on Chrome.
  • Just download and install the Desktop Host Installer on your device.
  • You need to generate a PIN that enables other PCs to access your device.
  • On your Mac device, you need to navigate to System Preferences >> Chrome Remote Desktop Host Preference.
  • Type the PIN number and tap enable button.
  • Then, you can easily find and remotely connect to your Mac device from your Windows PC.

Once you follow the above steps, you will be able to connect to Mac with your PC remotely. You can remotely connect to your PC and access FaceTime app with much ease. Using your PC and Mac, you can start making or receiving calls and chat with your beloved buddies.

Whether the other person with whom you are on a voice or video call using iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro, you can easily connect with your family members or others. This is the one and only method to use FaceTime on your Windows PC.

Best Alternatives to FaceTime for PC Windows:

If you don’t want to use the aforementioned process for accessing FaceTime on PC then, you can check out the best FaceTime alternatives for PC.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular and well-known video chat apps for the users. This app is compatible with different platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, Linux and more. This app is completely available for free of cost if you want to make video calls to other people through Skype.


  • We have been using Skype app since a long time as it offers a plethora of beneficial features.
  • Just like many of the apps, Skype allows the users to make free audio and video calls to other Skype users.
  • One can make calls to mobile numbers or landlines at low call costs.
  • There is an excellent feature that enables the users to send an MMS or SMS to mobile users.

2. Tango Messenger

Tango is another best messenger app that enables the users to make video chatting. One can download Tango Messenger onto their mobile device or Windows PC for easy communication purpose.


  • Using the Tango app, one can make live video broadcast with much ease.
  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.
  • Using this app, one can watch and create their own live streaming videos and share it to others.
  • Ability to send photos, stickers, and more.
  • One can play games even if they are on a live call with their beloved ones.

3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another best way to video chatting with your friends. One can make group chats, group video calls and more with Google Hangouts.


  • One can make free voice and video calls using Hangouts.
  • There is a feature of sending text messages and audio clips to your friends through this app.
  • Share your desired photos, stickers, GIFs and more during an ongoing video call.

4. OOVoo Messenger

It is another best alternative to FaceTime app for PC users. One can take part in funny video conversations with their friends and family members via this messenger. There are numerous features offered by this app to the Windows users.


  • OOVoo is an independent platform that is compatible to use on different devices.
  • Through this app, one can make conference video call in which a total of 12 members can participate simultaneously.
  • Ability to send emojis and GIFs from the immense collection available on OOvoo messenger.

FAQs on FaceTime for PC:

FaceTime is the most popular and immensely used application by most of the iOS users out there. We have already given you a detailed guide to the FaceTime app for Windows PC. Still, if you confront problems whilst accessing this video calling app, just scroll down through the frequently asked questions about FaceTime for Windows PC. Check whether the answers provided below might be helpful or not in fixing your issue.

Is FaceTime Compatible with Windows PC?

In fact, Apple has not yet launched an official version of FaceTime for Windows platform. There is only an official version of FaceTime for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, there is a specific method to use FaceTime on PC via iPadian emulator or using remote desktop.

How Can I Place a FaceTime Call?

It’s pretty much simple to make a video or voice call on FaceTime. All you need to do is to simply enter the mobile number or email address of the person with whom you want to communicate. FaceTime will eventually make the video call through your FaceTime account.

Can you FaceTime on a Windows computer?

Yes you can use facetime on windows computer that’s what this guide is about. Follow the above 2 methods to make facetime calls from windows PC.

Can I run FaceTime on Windows 10?

Yes we have mentioned 2 different ways to run Facetime on windows 10, not only windows 10, the same works for windows 7 8 10 XP too.

Is it Possible to Retrieve FaceTime Calls History?

Yes! One can easily retrieve the history of calls that they have made through FaceTime. Apple server usually saves the call history and it will back up whenever required. The users can easily retrieve their call history on FaceTime via Enigma Recovery.

Can I Use FaceTime on Android Device?

As mentioned already, FaceTime is only compatible with iOS and there is no possibility to use FaceTime on Android device. However, instead of FaceTime app, you can check out for some of the best alternatives to FaceTime for Android users.

Final Words:

It provides Quality during video calling when you have a good online connection and all of those benefits at no cost. Facetime to get PC is accessible worldwide. Most people frequently confuse Facetime using Skype, but both are somewhat distinct. It’s the greatest video-calling application for Apple users, Skype plays the same function for video calls and also is often used by a business person to generate video conferences throughout the world. But still in conclusion, when you compare it with Skype, Facetime stands out for all kind of video calling features as it is more dedicated for uninterrupted and fast video communication.

This is all you need to know about FaceTime for PC. Hope this tutorial has given you the best option to get FaceTime working on your PC. Share your thoughts and experiences in the below comments section.

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