The Best Free Flight Simulator Games of 2020

There are various categories and genres of video games that one can enjoy. They include RPGs, first-person shooters, third-person shooter, adventure games, and strategy games and so on. The list is endless when you include the sub-genres of video games which differs to each other thematically like gothic or cyberpunk or steampunk video games. One such lesser popular genre is simulation games. There are various types of simulation games.

Simulation games basically mimic the real world enabling you to see how the world works with a wider perspective and at the same time enabling you to experience real-world things which you would otherwise not for various reasons. It’s not often that you emulate flying an aeroplane while sitting back at home on your couch.

However, with the advent of simulation games and when coupled with virtual reality, rest assured, you’ll be provided with an experience like no other. You have life simulators, dating simulators, driving simulators, shooting simulators and so on. The options are endless. One of the sub-genres of simulation games includes – flight simulator games.

Now that the developers of video games have incorporated further modifications in the gaming industry, It has become easier to pick up the best game from the multiple offerings. While open-air games are intriguing enough to deliver an awesome experience to its own share of fans, flight simulator games are something out of the world.  Games, in this space-aged world, are capable of offering a wide range of military or civilian planes for the gamers to fly over the 3D landscapes and get an intriguing experience.

For PC gamers, flight simulator games are simply the mode of killing their boredom. While there are many PC gaming enthusiasts concentrating on football or basketball games, a good enough flight simulator game is still brilliant in making its prominence among its fans. In this guide, you will be aimed at choosing the best PC flight simulator games. To know more keep reading on.

What Are Flight Simulator Video Games?


Flight simulation games are a subgenre of simulation video games that enables you to experience what it feels like to pilot an aeroplane without any formal training. Simulation games provide you with lifelike experiences which can baffle anyone. The uncanny resemblance to reality has made simulation games a prerequisite to testing your ability prior to any driving tests or something similar. That speaks volumes of its authenticity and stands testament to the fact that it’s no less of a reflection of the real world.

These games can allow you to pilot civilian aeroplanes and even military aeroplanes too. Thus, it can also allow you to relive history and be a part of dog fights. What greater joy than to experience history with your own eyes? Moreover, you can blast your way through enemy warplanes and experience the trauma of the world wars for yourself. Video games have successfully projected real-world situations and empower you to experience them for yourself.

What Are The Advantages Of Flight Simulator Games?

The advantages of playing flight simulator games are endless:

  • It prepares you for real-world situations.
  • It gives you an idea as to what to expect and how to deal with it.
  • It tests your basic reflexes and abilities in such situations because in the real world there will be no second tries to correct your mistakes and try again.
  • It lets you assess the situation with greater clarity due to the absence of any form of apprehension towards the given situation and in turn, would improve your reflexes and your ability to process the situation. Ultimately, it depends on how you tackle the situation and your reflexes that can change the tides of any given situation. A simulator, thus, grooms you for any situation that may arise.
  • As video games enable you to retry, again and again, you can hone your abilities before you can try your hand in the real world.
  • It is a fun way to experience real-world situations which you would otherwise not experience. It’s a brilliant alternative to experience an adrenaline rush at the comfort of your home.
  • You cannot pass up the opportunity to experience the beauty of the sky, that too, at your own leisure. Imagine being with the clouds at your own accord, it gives you a sense of freedom like no other.
  • You get to experience the life of a real-world pilot. Always wanted to become a pilot, however, circumstances prevented you from living the dream? This is the perfect way of living the dream which never saw the light of day.
  • It’s an effective way of screening potential candidates from those who lack the required abilities to be a pilot. Naturally, if you are unable to handle a simulation then there’s no way you can tackle a real-world situation.
  • You can also relive the world wars for yourself by piloting warplanes and engaging in dog fights.
  • You can enhance your experience by buying special joysticks which mimic the real-world controls of an aeroplane.

How Will You Understand Whether This Flight Simulator Is The One You Need?

Now, before getting yourself a flight simulator game, you need to assess your needs and check whether the game meets your needs. The most pivotal criteria are the reason for buying, whether you just want to experience how it feels to be a pilot or want to use it as a screening test for your abilities before you hold the steering wheel for the first time in real life. Do note that your ability as a pilot in a simulation is not a complete reflection of your abilities in real life given the fact that a video game cannot predict all the variables that may arise in a real situation.

So, before you buy you also need to check whether the game has an online multiplayer which you can enjoy playing with your friends, whether it allows you to customize your plane and thereby customize your flight experience, whether the game is as realistic as you wish it to be, and the choice of flights available.

List Of The Best Flight Simulators Available:

  • IL-2 Sturmovik 1946- despite the fact that the game had aged, it is still one of the most popular flight simulators simply because it’s so fun and also enables you to experience World War 2.
  • Rise of Flight United- this game takes place in World War 1 and if you have an inclination of blasting everything you see, this might be your favourite choice.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator- if you love having the option of experiencing various aeroplanes and learning about them, this is definitely the best choice.

How will you Choose Flight Simulator Games for your PC Device?

You will have to make sure to choose the best flight simulator game in order to get the best PC gaming experience. Hence, you should keep the below-provided points in mind.

  • The game must allow the creation of planes.
  • The game must give you the allowance in simulating the open space flight from your Windows device.
  • The game should also deliver a great multiplayer mode for the gamers to enjoy entirely.
  • If the game doesn’t allow you to fly on other possible aircraft, then it is not a great game for you to install it on your Windows device.
  • The realistic experience matters the most. After all, every gamer wishes to get the close-to-realistic experience out of playing a good enough game, regardless of its genre. So, you have to look for a realistic flight simulator game.

Best Flight Simulator Games for Windows:


  • X-Plane 11 Global Flight Simulator

For all the flight enthusiasts, this particular game is quite enjoyable. After all, this 3D cockpit comes with part of each aircraft in. And even for the beginners, you can quickly learn how to negotiate multiple airports. You would also get to learn about the immersive landscapes as well as the realistic cities. As a matter of fact, this particular flight simulator is enough to deliver a close-to-realistic gaming experience for all the serious flight enthusiastic gamers out there.

  • X-Plane 10

Talking about ‘X-Plane 10′, it happens to be one of the best and most realistic flight simulating games that have been available in the market as of now. Additionally, you are able to create your planes and fly about any plane type. From gliders to the space shuttles, it has everything in between. In addition to that, it also helps in allowing users to change the flight conditions accordingly. Furthermore, it also gives you the allowance to play with various weights and then take off from hundreds of airports of varying type. As a matter of fact, it also comes with a multiplayer functionality which helps you duke it out with the close pals effectively.

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator X helps you create your individual routes according to your preference. You are also allowed to fly across the globe; thereby making your individual airplanes respectively, exciting isn’t it? Talking about its gameplay, it can get extended with the downloading of plane skins. You can also buy the add-ons right from the third-party developers of this game. The new version will allow in getting new aircraft as well as cities which would be added accordingly. This particular offering is something different from other flight simulator games and comes with added mission-oriented play. The game is available in both standards as well as deluxe editions. In regards to the standard version, the deluxe edition is more versatile, for it comes with more options for cities, airports, & airplanes.

  • IL-2 Sturmovik

Being the WWII flight simulator game, IL-2 Sturmovik is in every PC gamer’s wishlist. And in case you have been scratching your head just for the combat flight simulator, then this is the best gaming that can offer you the most intriguing experience right when you start playing it. In addition to this, this game also sports great and exciting features. What’s more, it comes with an amazing mission builder. Not just that, IL-2 Sturmovik also features multiplayer mode including 32 players in the dogfight mode. With that, you would also be able to get brilliant and stunning graphics. The combat occurs in the air and from there it goes right to the ground. Anyone who’s interested in flight and war will undoubtedly have a great experience while playing this PC game.

  • Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On: Modern Air Combat is something that you cannot miss out. After all, it takes you over the eight jets’ Take helm from Russia or America in the combat action. This particular PC game comes with some brilliant and quick-start missions alongside some straining missions too. The single player mission is available. But if that isn’t your forte, you can always stick to the 32 players through the LAN via the Internet.

  • B-17 Flying Fortress

How would be the experience when you can take control of the B-17 bomber? And how would be that experience when you get to participate in the long daylight bomb mission? Well, all these intriguing features are just available in one compact game, and that’s none other than B-17 Flying Fortress. Playing this game would help you stay in command of the 12 bombers’ squadron. Additionally, you would also be able to play as the tail gunner in order to take out the interceptors. You can even join Luftwaffe and then work just for preventing B-17s from offering the payloads.


Contrary to popular belief, video games are not the reason why people become violent. As we clearly see, video games can be educational as well and provides an experience like no other medium can. It’s an underrated form of medium which can transcend you into another world altogether. Now that you know the best flight simulator games for Windows, you would be able to choose the best out of the rest. So, while choosing it, keep the five things in mind before making any further decision!

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