How to Fix Funimation App not Working Errors?

Funimation App is an entertainment company that provides dubbed and foreign content, most notably animes. Funimation Entertainment launched Funimation Channel in 2005.  It was the second 24 hours anime digital cable network in North America.

Most people compare Crunchyroll with Funimation. Both are top-rated streaming services. But if you are looking for dubbed content, you should undoubtedly go with Funimation. Funimation gave us Dragon Ball Z, the famous anime show in Cartoon Network’s Toonami section. After dubbing the show, Funimation production made its place for itself.

Funimation has the Following Features:


  • A vast collection of hundreds of subtitles and dubbed anime shows
  • Apart from anime shows it also has movies, OVAs, and others for entirely free
  • A huge library filled with the latest content
  • Supports only original Japanese creators, so that you can see contents from their official source

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Funimation Apk

Funimation apk is available in Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Chromecast, Android and iOS. The subscription price of Funimation is divided into three tiers. The pricing is categorised by in terms of viewer’s need. If you are a huge anime fan and decide to choose the highest price and subscribe with premium plus, you will get Funimation gift and 2 free rentals.

  • An advanced interface so that you can find and filter shows easily
  • Autoplay and +/- 10-sec skip
  • Auto Syncing the episode progresses in your device
  • Chromecast features

How to Fix Funimation App not Working Errors?

Like any other apps, the Funimation app has a few bugs. They are the reason why you are facing errors. Whenever you feel any inconvenience, or you see error messages while streaming, you can always send an email to They make sure that they can assist you as soon as you sent a mail. But in case if you are not receiving any reply, don’t worry, the mail is legitimate. Also, if you are facing problem starting a video, do not worry, that is a server issue. Just contact with their customer service, and they will provide you with a faster solution.

Funimation Pros and Cons:


  • It has several episodes of seasons than Crunchyroll
  • Larger dub library
  • Viewers will get nostalgic to see the fantastic collection of old stuff
  • Funimation has latest contents than any other.


  • Funimation has no Chromecast support
  • The Funimation website is pretty bad in term of presentation

Facts to know about Funimation:

  • Funimation is now known explicitly for its anime content, but the first show released by Funimation wasn’t anime; it was named Chuck E Cheese in Galaxy 5000.
  • Funimation used to sale Fruits Basket hats. Even the hats became trendy back then.
  • Funimation teamed up with Score Entertainment. Their goal was to launch a cross country tour to promote Dragon Ball Z card game.
  • If you visit the Funimation office, you will see huge statues of Edward and Alphonse Elric.

Funimation has two exclusive sets of Dragon Balls in their collection. The balls were originally made for The Biggest Baddest Dragon Ball Z Giveaway on Earth, 2006. These two sets were actually forged.

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