Funny Memes – Classic, Trends, Social Media, Celebrity Based and Funniest Memes of all Time

There is a difference between humor and comedy, humor is something that provokes laughter, while on the other hand comedy is something that invokes subtle smile but more coveys a mockery than just hearty laughter. It is can be explained with an example as that of Tom and Jerry which brings out the laughter in you, where a “The Merchant of Venice will” make smile and giggle entwined with romance. Early physicians used to believe that humor used make people laugh and though that secretion of bile made another hormone secretion balanced. Without considering whether that is wrong or right humor is duly need in human life to balance emotions. Classic, Trends, Social Media, Celebrity Based and Funny Memes are given below.


Humor From a Broader Prospect:

Life is a journey, an in that life people do a lot of thing to make life meaningful. Be it the thrill of romance that teaches one to do extraordinary sacrifices or a mother with growing concern that for the child make her worry for the future. In everywhere, it is seen that a constant undulating way of ups and downs, which makes the life unbearable. Right a sudden shower of laughter can give enough hope to survive once again and take up the challenge called life. Previously humans used to go the theaters to watch plays that are filled with elements of laughter, while although the act itself has changed and as only a very few people goes to the theater, but most finds laughter from the social media from a broader standpoint and that share laughter Meme plays a very important role.

Concept of Meme:

Meme is broadly an idea of behavior that spreads from people to people like wild fire. Meme always depends on the culture of the country you stay, it is basically about a certain behavior, or gestures. The word Meme was coined by Richard Dawkins, from is book “The selfish Gene”. According to Dawkins the cultural elements change and spread with the passage of time. However digital memes are different, they are largely spread via internet.

Features of Internet Memes:

There are certain elements that makes meme of what people understand by meme. Digital memes are generally humorous, mostly filled with satirical elements that mostly evokes he faults of human’s wrong doing or just something which is out of the blue. Overall memes are supposing to evoke laughter and the sole purpose is to make people happy. Memes are not only about images of funny people but also just regular photo with tag of pun on it.

Factors that Make Funny Memes go Viral:

According to Dawkins, there are three factors that are cause of getting a meme viral. Frist the thing of a given culture that is could be accurately copied, second the magnitude of speed that it was copied, third the longevity of it. All these things are intuitively related to each other. this can be explained with the help of an example. Consider a president of a given country liked by exactly half of the population. Where the other rest need less of hating can be said fall on the unfavored part.

Well any one of the unfavored individual generated a meme of the president with a funny tagline, with a verisimilitude. In such a manner that the favored part won’t get offended. This meme will become instantly viral as the under what situation it is made people can relate with it. And also, the humor part which is ephemeral but sometimes manages to stay for longer span depending on the context and the prevailing time.

However,there are other things that affects a meme to go viral that is a meme must be replicable. Which means whether it is about lifestyle or certain behavior, beyond everything people must be able to replicate it. The ice bucket challenge that went viral during 2014 left enough ambiguity for the public to write whatever buts related to the context.

Memes such as Gangnam Style is still popular in the market, and when it happened along with music video itself it did spread like wild fire. That video was released in 2012 and still memes based on that or other memes related to that can still be found. Memes have longer staying power,

Types of Funniest Memes:

After studying it can be said that there are all total fifteen different types of funny memes depending on the quality, context and the longevity of its survival. Here are the Top 5 Best Meme Generator Apps for your Android and iOS Devices

The Classics:

There were at times, when memes were actually mascots with jokes attached on the pictures. Which were practically taglines, with intended puns these memes will never die.

That follows the trend

Likely the memes which is seen now, they are meant be a shining star, but the turn of a month, they are being eaten by black holes never to be seen again. These memes are based on trends that is to say most fall under conformity and no individuality at all.

 The social media meme

Perhaps the most happening is the social media memes. It has no limits no boundaries. It can happen in a way possible; you can make a meme out a screen short and pitting texts on it as per the contexts and put it on the social media. Social media is the best way to make meme go viral. It could be anything from a cow snapped as that of it is crying or laughing or man dancing as crazy.

The celebrity based

There are many memes which are based on different actions of celebrities. These memes go most viral, it can range anywhere from actor who plays superman to celebrity who is a hot topic of discussion. Celebrity based memes are most accepted and no bios. These are made just for sake of fun and humor. Celebrity based funny memes below.

However, memes are meant for fun and humor it must be kept in mind that it should never hurt one’s morality. Keeping in mind your fun should never be others cause of unhappiness is not what memes are for, it is rather meant to give happiness than that of distress.

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