Game Killer Apk Download Latest Version [4.10] for Android Devices

In the current advanced digital technology, it has become quite common and simple even for the normal people to hack various games and apps using the hacking tools. Earlier, hacking is a term which is something unusual and only the hackers most commonly use it. There are numerous hacking tools for games and apps that help the users acquire unlimited coins, money, gems, points and much more stuff. In this tutorial, we have explained in detail about the Game Killer Apk for your Android device and PC. Have a look!

On the web, we have innumerable hacking tools absolutely for free of cost. Game Killer is one of the most popular hacking tools that enable the user get more number of coins, gems, points, money and much more.

What Actually is a Game Killer?

When you play any game on your Android phone, you might come across some difficult situation or tough level. In order to get to that level, you need to alter your gameplay or get some help from third-party apps. The Game killer is one such application that allows the users, modify the scores, and move to new levels and many other changes done in the game.


If you want to get a high score in the game you can alter your game values. This way you can cheat your co-players while playing some games on your phone. It is not possible to change the scores when you play online games. Game killer lets you play the game in a strategic way by implementing some cheat codes.

Essentially, there are two major reasons for the user to download and use Game Killer APK on their Android device:

One is that the Game Killer app lets the players use additional coins for purchasing the required stuff from the game store. Using the coins, the players can boy the boosts, new merchandise and a lot more.

Another purpose or great benefit of using Game Killer is that you can flaunt in front of your newbie pals. They will definitely shock out of surprise after looking at your game score.

What are the Features of It?

The Game Killer offers some excellent features to all its users in order to acquire incredible gaming experience on various device platforms.

1. Hack Game Scores & Collect Unlimited Coins

  • The Game killer is an impressive game application that allows the users to hack the games codes.
  • There is a possibility of collecting unlimited coins, gems, and points in the game.
  • If you want to win all the games you need to download the game killer application on your Android phone.

2. Free Hacking Tool

  • The Game Killer app is a free to use tool available in the Google Play Store marketplace.
  • One can hack unlimited coins, points, game scores and a lot more using the Game Killer App on Android.
  • It is free to use and you need not spend any additional charges for using this app.
  • Besides this, you need not pay additional charges for subscription or another purpose.

3. Supports Offline Games

  • The Game Killer app is compatible only with the offline games.
  • The players don’t have the ability to implement the hack codes and tricks on online games using the Game Killer app.

4. Modify Game Scores using Cheats

  • Using the Game Killer app, One can easily modify or alter the scores of their desired offline game through the cheats.
  • One can easily alter the aspects of your preferred video games.
  • This app functions by injecting the cheat code in the background whilst running the game.

5. Friendly User Interface

  • The user interface is very friendly so that the users can navigate through the app with much ease.
  • Even the amateur users or game players can use this Game Killer app without any effort.

6. Supported Platforms

  • As the Game Killer is an Android application, it supports various versions of this operating system.
  • It is compatible with Android 4.1 and above versions of the Android platform.


If you are seeking to download Game Killer app on your Android device then, you need to fulfill few requirements. Ensure that you have the following pre-requisites prior to the commencement of Game Killer APK download.

  • The Android device must be rooted to download Game Killer app.
  • Your Android phone must run the latest version of operating system ranging between Android 2.3 and higher versions.
  • The latest version of Android i.e., Noughat 7.1 is also compatible with Game Killer APK.


In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the Game Killer app also asks permission from the device so as to provide access to different files.

1. Root Permission

The Game Killer app asks the device whether you have rooted the Android phone or not for further using it.

2. Location

  • At the time of installing the Game Killer App, It asks for providing access to the location of the device.
  • It tracks the location based on the GPS and the networks.

3. Identity

  • This app requires consent so as to find out the account on Android device.
  • This will eventually provide access to the account ID.

4. Access and Alter SD Card

The app also asks the users’ consent to alter or delete some things on the SD card.

5. Storage

Another permission that the user must provide to the app is storage permission.

How to Download & Install Game Killer APK on Android?

Here are the simple steps that help the users to download and install Game Killer APK on their Android device:

  • Initially, the users can download Game Killer APK using the direct link provided below.


  • Start the downloading process on your Android phone with the APK file.
  • Once you found that the Apk file has been downloaded on your Android device, you can navigate to the notifications tab.
  • You might come across a predicament of unable to install Game Killer apk on Android.
  • It’s because you haven’t altered your phone settings for installing the apps from third-party sources.



  • For that, you need to go to Settings >> Security >> just tap the checkbox for enabling ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Otherwise, you can simply toggle the option of Unknown Sources to allow the installation of apps from the sources other than the Play Store.
  • Now, go to the downloaded Game Killer apk file on the file manager.
  • Tap the Game Killer APK file and proceed with the installation.
  • It asks whether you are willing to install the app or not. Accept it by hitting the ‘Install’ button.
  • It could take few minutes for completing the installation of Game Killer APK.
  • You can then see a message that says ‘App Installed’ on the screen of your device.
  • Click on the ‘Open’ button to start accessing unlimited game resources.

That’s it! This is the easy process to download and install Game Killer APK on your Android device.

How to Hack/Mod Games using Game Killer APK?

It is an easy trick to hack or mod games using the Game Killer APK application on your Android device. As mentioned earlier, the users or the game players can easily modify the game values and scores using the Game Killer app.

The Game Killer app functions precisely on the most popular games like Temple Run, Subway Surf and a lot more. In this tutorial, you can understand the step-wise process to mod or hack offline games on Android using Game Killer.

Note: The Game Killer App works perfectly and renders you the ability to hack only the offline games. There is no possibility to hack or mod online games using Game Killer APK.

  • Launch the Game Killer APK on your Android device.
  • After ensuring that you have rooted your Android device, you can proceed with hacking the game scores via Game Killer APK.
  • Now, open the game that you are wishing to mod or hack. For understanding purpose, we are hacking or modding the Subway Surf Game.
  • For some time, play the game until you reach a certain score. You have grabbed a specific number of coins in the game.
  • Now, go to the Game Killer app icon on the screen and open the semi-transparent user interface.
  • Within the text field, you must enter the game score and hit the search button.
  • You must select data type as ‘Auto Identify’.
  • Immediately, you can find tons of results or less based on the type of game.
  • Once again, open the game and play it until you reach the score to some more coins.
  • Again follow the similar procedure by entering the latest game score.
  • From the search results, you can find the words that say ‘DWB.’
  • If you find that word, you must edit the score. Tap that score and edit it by entering your preferred score.
  • Hit Ok button. Then, get back to the game. You can then see your new high score on the screen.

Game Killer FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Game Killer App on your Android device:

1. Can I Use Game Killer in all Games?

No. The Game Killer app doesn’t work on all the games. It is specifically intended for the offline games on your Android device. As the online games store the data on their own servers, it’s not possible to hack or alter the online game scores.

2. What are the Game Killer Alternatives?

If you have great concern towards rooting your Android device, then you can search for the best Game Killer alternatives. Lucky Patcher APK is the best alternative to Game Killer app that works even on the non-rooted device for hacking games.

3. Is Game Killer App Illegal?

It is not at all illegal to use Game Killer app. You are not doing any kind of harm to other by using the Apk of it.

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