Hidden Facts About Instagram App

Instagram is a photo sharing service, which also doubles as a social networking site. So assuming you already own an iOS device or a later version of an Android gadget, you can take photos and apply the “vintage filter” that Instagram uses which is its claim to fame. You will be able to edit your photos and upload it to the site which other users will also be able to see. So in essence, the purpose can be easily explained like that. On the other hand, you also need to know that the site is also a social networking medium as well.

If you have been active on the Internet in the past few years, there have been trends that come out on what is to be the “fun thing to do” at that point in time. However, like most trends, they often die and are completely forgotten. If you have a Facebook account, you might have noticed that some or a lot of your friends who own an iOS device keep posting pictures that seem aged on your news feed. If you take a closer look, you will notice that it even says “via Instagram.” So you may ask yourself what Instagram is in the first place? Is this a new trend that will just die out like the rest of them? Do you even need to have it? All the questions you’ve been dying to ask will be answered as you read along.  If you are looking for some details regarding Instagram then this What is Instagram article can help you. Read The Small Business Blog’s review to get more potential knowledge about Instagram.

Hidden Facts About Instagram

In the site itself, you will need to sign up for a free membership and create your profile to be able to upload your photos. Much like any other social networking sites, you will be able to find your friends here as well as make new ones and follow them. The act of following other users on Instagram allows you to view their photos as well as comment on them too. Similar to Facebook, once you follow a certain set of users on this site, their updates will show on your feed which then allows you to just run through their photos uploaded for the day. At the same time, people who follow you on this site will also be able to see the photos that you have uploaded on their news feed. Facebook team is constantly working on Instagram and keep adding new features. If you want to get followers on Instagram Instantly then download the GetInsFollowers App and It works perfectly on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

Instagram is not only limited to being present on its website alone. You can share photos you have uploaded on Facebook and Twitter as well. This is important if you would like other people to see the photo you have uploaded but are not users of Instagram. This way, they will also be able to hit the “like” button and leave comments for your photo.

Back then, Instagram was only for individuals who owned and used iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and the iPod. Although this was not a problem, a key demographic that missed out on this service were users of Android phones. However, as of recent, Instagram now supports recent releases of Android devices, which allow more and more people to use the photo sharing site.

How to Use Instagram App on PC Desktop/Laptop?

In order to use Instagram Application on Laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need to download an Android emulator; Bluestacks. Once you download and install Bluestacks on your PC you’ll be able to run all Android applications on your Windows or Linux OS. Once you install Bluestacks, fire it up, on the search bar, type  Instagram, and then download it, Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

How to Use HashTags (#) to get more followers on Instagram?

When you post any photo or video through Instagram, you can add caption or message and tag people using a hashtag. Before posting your post on Instagram, on caption bar, you can use hashtag i.e. #. For example, if you are gonna post a photo of you on vacation with your loved ones in Bali then just put tags as #bali, #family, #balivacation, etc. But should be relevant to the picture. So that whenever other people search #iphone, then they can also see your post.

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to grow your audience, improve your odds of engagement and It helps to get free Instagram Followers. Using of hashtags on the description of your photo will help other users to find what’s the post about.

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