How To Create an iCloud Account (Apple ID) Without Credit Card Free?

If you do have any data and documents locally, then there always remains a chance of data loss. So it is wise to store them externally in the cloud storage. iCloud is a platform where all your data and folders remain secure and safe. iCloud is an external cloud drive where you can save or backup your data. It stores data on the remote server. The online storage is called the cloud. As you can store data on the server, and you can access those from anywhere. You can use your Apple id to get access to Apple’s iCloud. Once you have registered successfully then you can easily access it from any device. It is not only developed for Apple users, but the Windows user also can use it easily. Check Steps to Create an iCloud Account (Apple ID) Without any Payment method below.


So today I am here to share the steps you need to follow to create an iCloud account. AS iCloud is one of the best cloud storage where you can store your files or folder for free. Here you are going to know about the best ways to create an iCloud account for storing your important files. But first of all, let’s have a look at the what is iCloud and some of its amazing features.

What is iCloud? How to Create a New Apple ID?

iCloud is a technology through which you can keep your device synchronized. With the help of iCloud, you can share documents and also can access from any types of Apple devices. It sends notification for any updates to all devices registered with same Apple id. Its service is totally free and runs on background. You need not transfer any files from mobile to the handset, all files always remain available in all devices that registered with your id. This is a very secure and reliable platform where all your data is regularly updated and remain always safe.

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Amazing Features of iCloud:

This technology helps its users to access and to share data in the cloud. As it is an external storage so you can get access to your documents from everywhere. This cloud storage is not only developed for Apple user, you can access your iCloud account from Windows PC too. Apple is gradually adding many features. I am listing below some of its advantageous features.

  • You can store and share any documents in iCloud.
  • It keeps a backup of all your contents regularly that increases its usability and reliability.
  • As you can store, you also can share your photos and documents with your friends.
  • It is a very secure store where all your data and documents always remain secure and safe.
  • With the help of this, you can track all your Apple devices and also can share your location with your friends and family.
  • You can access your iCloud account from any of your registered Apple devices.
  • You can download music from iTunes and app from App store.
  • It also allows you to synchronize calendars, reminders, and contacts through iCloud.

Steps to Create an iCloud Account:

Now you might be interested in using the iCloud drive to store your data remotely but for that, you have to create an account. Your iCloud account username and password is same as your Apple id. So literally you don’t need to create a separate account to get access to iCloud as you can use your Apple Id for the same.


  • Enter your first and last name
  • Select your Country
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Enter your Email Address – This will be your Apple ID
  • Create a password and verify it
  • Next, It will ask security question Choose the one and Answer it
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally, Click on continue.
  • You will get a Email for confirmation.

iCloud from Apple helps to share and to synchronize your data with a remote server. We all know that storing your data in the server is very reliable as compared to local storage. You don’t even need to think about any data loss as they developed iCloud with many advanced features. So if you are not using iCloud then create an iCloud account today and take the advantage of its features and technology.

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