What you Should Know to Fix TweakBox Errors?

The first thing you should be aware of, is that TweakBox is not an application with common features, it is an alternative to download mobile applications from other providers, therefore it manages modified applications that cannot be accessed through the official store of applications provided by your version or the software of your iOS device, therefore may present some compatibility problems with the iOS version. Below are the steps on how to fix tweakbox errors for free on iOS.

Although the developers of TweakBox, have been working to provide greater stability in the application and compatibility in jailbreak, especially in the version of iOS 10.2. A jailbreak is a form of privilege protocol; this term has also been used with other computer systems because it is the simplest way to explain the functionality of a technologically complex system.

How to Fix Tweakbox Not Downloading Error on iOS?


Many users who have installed TweakBox in versions of iOS that are not compatible have presented some problems with their devices among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Problems with the jailbreak
  • Freezes due to unsupported Tweak
  • Difficulty to uninstall the installed Tweak
  • A constant and unexpected restart of the iPhone

These inconveniences are often very difficult for users to solve because they cannot uninstall the application from Cydia, but what you should know is that you can do it in Safe Mode, enter Cydia and remove the incompatible Tweak. If you still cannot achieve it, we invite you to follow the following instructions:

  • Identify the installed Tweak that is causing problems (it is usually the last installed version)
  • Restart the device
  • Enter Safe Mode before activating the jailbreak
  • Open Cydia and uninstall the incompatible Tweak

By performing this process you can surely notice that you have tools that are not working, but then your device will start working correctly. This tutorial offers a very simple way to solve the incompatibility difficulties of this version with iOS.


Before installing the version of Tweak you want, it is recommended that you can ensure compatibility with iOS 10 if you do not avoid having to install it. Review all available versions first and review the features, recommendations and software requirements to operate with a compatible update that does not cause problems.

At present, this platform has flaws and is not in a position to make acquisitions, users are waiting for better updates and new expectations are generated regarding a new iPhone launch.

The update processes provide the desired stability for the platform and for the users, we hope that moment arrives early to be able to continue with downloads of Tweak and have their compatibility with the different operating systems.

How to Fix TweakBox Errors?

So far these tools have been provided to solve the errors of TweakBox, this is one of the installers of applications from other vendors that is more popular today because it provides a large number of applications, content, games, and programs that are not easily found in other similar alternatives. To other TweakBox counts on the confidence of the users which forces to remain in constant update and elimination of the compatibility errors.

So far there have been errors of easy solutions, however, some users have presented isolated failures related to the screen, a blank screen error; that is very annoying for the users but it is also very easy to solve in a few steps; just baby:

  • Press to open the configuration icon
  • Remove data from the website
  • Click on the application installer, and the blank screen will disappear immediately

Another problem occurs when TwaekBox stops (stops working), usually occurs because the source of the application has not been verified; but it can be resolved by simply removing the TweakBox version of your device and reinstalling it again, but before doing so it is advisable to locate the application certificate, click on trust or verify and once you download and install the application, it will work without inconveniences.

Invalid Argument:

Another error that has been reported of TweakBox is the invalid argument supplied during installation, so if you receive an “invalid argument” message, you can correct it very easily, just follow the following instructions:

  • Remove the application from your device
  • Reinstall the compatible TweakBox application
  • Restart your device
  • Enter the TweakBox configuration and look for the updates
  • If there are updates available, use its and TweakBox will work correctly.

If you have Problems Downloading TweakBox:

You should know that this is one of the most common problems among users because they relate the experiences for the first time with the difficulties of TweakBox. It is very easy to solve, you should only remove from your device all the copies you may have of TweakBox because these download errors occur because the information you already have stored on your device about the application, hinders the download of the new version. Simply deleting it, deleting the data and restarting your computer will be enough for you to successfully download and install TweakBox.

If they have Revoked your Application:

You should know that Apple revoked the application certificate with some regularity, remember that TweakBox is not an official application installer so this revocation will cause the installer to crash and stop working, but this happens in your fixed computing equipment, for those that will require the use of a VPN or pay an anti-plague application. But if you download the application on your mobile devices will not go through this bad time, on your Smartphone you can enjoy TweakBox for as long as you want.

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