How to Free Up and Manage iCloud Storage Space?

iCloud is known to be the only reliable cloud storage drive for Apple users. The service is however available for Windows PC users too. Most of the Windows PC users with an Android device in hand chooses for Google Drive. But, if you handy device like Smartphone or Tab and the personal computer is Mac or Windows, iCloud drive will do the best. iCloud let you access your files from any of your supported devices with real-time modification. iCloud storage is used not only storing important data but making it virtually available to access, edit, and save from any device of yours.

Imagine you got to make a presentation on your class project, you have started making it from home on your Mac or Windows PC but could not finish it. You may simply upload the unfinished presentation in the iCloud and while on your way to class you may simply access the same data from your iPhone or iPad making some more progress and finally give a finishing touch to the presentation sitting right in the classroom. I have explained a guide on how to login to iCloud in my previous post.

iCloud Storage as we know it is a cloud-based online storage unit specially designed for iOS or MAC users. This drive will let you save any file and the best thing is that you don’t have to do it manually. Yes! Your files will automatically get saved on the iCloud Storage. But there is a catch; the catch is that it will only get uploaded if your auto-sync feature is enabled.

What Should iCloud Storage Plan You Get?

What’s fascinating about iCloud is that whatever changes you make in the files you edit, the modification will be updated automatically in iCloud of all your devices. Thus, you can always start from where you justify. With initial sign up, you will be provided 5GB Storage instantly for free. This is quite enough for any important tasks unless you intend to save large files.

If your Storage exceeds the initial storage limit, you will have to upgrade it with paid storage space that is 50GB/month at $0.99 (USD).

How to Manage iCloud Storage?


In case your free iCloud Storage runs out, any new modification in the saved files in iCloud won’t be saved neither the new uploading process will be done. Nor your iCloud email address will work in send and receive messages. In such case, you will have to manage your Storage or you will have to buy extra storage space.

Before you do that, you may want to check out how much storage is justified in your iCloud Drive.

Check Storage Space:

If you are using iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iOS 10.3 or above version, you may go through device “Settings” and then type your name. Now, tap on the iCloud option and finally select the Storage option. iOS users with 10.2 or older version may simply go to the Settings followed by iCloud, and then tap on the Storage.

For Mac users, following the Apple menu and then System Preferences, iCloud, and finally, click on Manage option will get the task done.

If you are using Windows PC, go to iCloud for Windows and finally click on the Manage option.

This way, you will figure out how much space is used or justify in your iCloud Storage. Now that if you see that your Storage space is running out, you may either opt to buy more space at the above-mentioned price or you may free up some more space from your existing storage.

Free Up iCloud Storage Space:

As you know that your iOS apps are automatically backed up in the iCloud Storage, you may select only the preferred apps to be backed up thus useless apps will not eat up the Storage space. The same thing is applicable for videos, photos, documents, etc.

You might have backed up many photos and videos in your iCloud Photo Library. Not all of them are useful of necessary I suppose. So, pick up the unnecessary media files and remove them to free up more space in your iCloud.

There is a more typical way to free some more space in your iCoud storage that we usually do for our had drive or other storage space. iCloud is an efficient cloud storage service that carries your important files over the cloud thus you can get to access them wherever you go. If the 5GB free iCloud Storage space is not enough for you, you may get some space or simply avoid uploading large media files.


Well, you don’t have to worry about that as the auto-sync features is a default setting. But if it is not then you can turn this feature ON manually. Let’s have a look at the features of iCloud Storage down below.

Features of iCloud Storage:

Basically, the features of iCloud storage is just like any other storage unit. But there are some features that make iCloud quite special and different from others. Well, let’s have a brief look at those features down below.


Backup is the primary feature of iCloud, which is just like any other storage drive. Whatever the file type or the file size maybe this storage will save it all. But that doesn’t mean that you are provided with unlimited space. The drive provides you with 5GB initial space. But you can buy more storage if you want.

Finding the Devices:

Suppose that you lose your Apple device then you can use it to track your device with its help. Well, using iCloud you can remotely wipe and lock your device. You can also send a message to your device stating that you are on your way to retrieve it. Quite a unique feature isn’t it?

Photo Stream:

The feature is quite new and unique. Suppose that you have taken a picture with an iPhone and you want to make this photo appear on all your other devices. This feature comes into effect at that moment. The photo taken by you gets saved on iCloud automatically and then you can import this image to all your other devices too.


This feature is quite similar to the above-mentioned feature. When you buy an iBook your book gets saved on iCloud. Now you can import this to all the iOS and MAC devices. There are several similar types of features.

Finding Friends:

Finding Friends has been never been used after the introduction of the find your friend’s with this iCloud. This app allows you to find your friends quite easily. Not just friends, you can also track your family members too. But there is a catch here, which is that you can only track iOS users. You can even turn off and on this quite easily.

These are some of the features of this app. Now that you are quite familiar with the features, let’s have a look at the subscription plans of iCloud Storage.

iCloud Storage Pricing and Plans:


Basically, there are four subscription plans for iCloud Storage. Well, these plans come at different rates and different sizes. You can opt for these plans once you have run out of the default space. Well, if can opt for it even if you haven’t.

The first plan provides you an extra 50 GB over the free 5 GB and it would cost you $0.99. Whereas, the second plan provides you 200 GB at a price of $2.99. For the third plan you need to pay $9.99 and you will get 1 TB extra space. The final plan will provide you 2 TB space over the pre-allotted space and you can get this a price of $19.99.

Well, this is what you need to know about iCloud Storage Pricing and Plans. Well, these were actually some brief details about iCloud. For detailed information, you can check out the official website of iCloud and get all the desired information. Hope this was helpful.

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