How to Setup your New Chromecast and How to Cast?

Chromecast is a media-playing device developed by Google. They allow the user to play audio-visual files from their mobile phones or personal computers on a larger device like a home audio system or television using Wi-Fi. This is made possible by using web apps and mobile apps. It introduced as a video playing device, now supports both audio and video files. Files from a Google Chrome browser on a computer or an Android or iOS device can also be viewed in high definition using Chromecast. One of the newer updates is the Chromecast Ultra.

Chromecast vs. Chromecast Ultra:

Chromecast Ultra released in November 2016. And the latest Chromecast, which is the 3rd generation, was released in October 2018. In terms of performance, the Chromecast Ultra is better than the Chromecast 3rd Generation as it supports 4K or Ultra High Definition Videos. It also allows HDR or High Dynamic Range videos to play. Besides this, the Chromecast Ultra can be directly connected to the modem or Wi-Fi router via the ethernet cable. Chromecast Ultra priced at 69$ and Chromecast at 35$. Chromecast of 3rd generation, although having slower start-up and streaming times which is value for money.

How To Set Up Chromecast?


First, the Chromecast device is connected to a television. Then the other end of the power cable is attached to, the power adapter and plugged to a power outlet or the different USB port on the television. Following this, it is checked whether the device, (mobile, tablet, or laptop) from which files are cast and the television are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then the Google Home app is downloaded, on the mobile, laptop, or tablet, and the Google Home App is opened on the device.

Chromecast is then connected to the internet for the user’s Google account to be signed in. Then location access and location services settings are enabled for the Google Home App. After this, the Google Home App scans for nearby devices, and the device is selected for configuration. Then the App connects to the phone or tablet to add the new device. Then the code on the casting device and the television are matched, and a name is selected. Then allow permission to send crash reports to Google. Then the region is selected and the room to customize the experience. Then select the Wi-Fi connection and add the password. There is a tutorial available after these steps to understand how to use Chromecast.

How To Cast Using Chromecast:

For a computer: Chrome is opened on the computer, and the Cast option is selected from the drop-down menu on the top right corner. Then choose the Chromecast device to watch, and the file is cast. For Mac, Windows, or Chromebooks, the entire desktop can be cast. For Android phones and tablets: Google Home App is opened, and the cast screen option chosen and the Chromecast device selected. Then the Chrome App opened.

After usage, the casting screen disconnected. For iPhones and iPads, any media file playing will have a cast option. However, while using iOS tabs or screens cannot be used. For casting from YouTube or the YouTube App, the mobile device or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi as Chromecast, and YouTube is opened. Cast button is at the bottom right corner of the video. Chromecast device is selected, and the video plays on the television.

How Does Chromecast Work

Chromecast is, a small device, connected to the HDMI (High-Definition-Multimedia-Interface) port of a television. It allows the user to use a phone or laptop as the remote to control files playing on the television. Chromecast works on a DIAL (Discovery And Launch) Protocol. Chromecast can be used for Android Gingerbread or above, Mac OS 10.7 or higher, Windows 7 or more, iOS 6.0 or higher, and Chrome OS 28 or more.

What Can You Do With Chromecast?

Using Chromecast, one can ask Google Home to cast Netflix. It enables users to cast a VR headset view on a larger screen so others around a VR user can also visualize their experience. Facebook live broadcasts can be viewed on a larger screen. Photos can be added to the Chromecast background.

Google Play Music can be played using the television and surround audio system devices. Presentations from Google Slides can be shown using Chromecast. Spotify Premium and Pandora can be cast to the TV. Plex a managing App can be used with Chromecast to organize the files.

  • Chromecast can be used for games like Just Dance Now or Doodle Cast.
  • A YouTube playlist can be created on Chromecast.
  • Content from the Amazon Kindle Fire can be sent to Chromecast.
  • It allows the mobile devices to act as the remote essentially.
  • It can be used to stream Google Photos.
  • It can also be used in Hotels provided one has a portable wireless router.
  • It also has a guest mode to add other devices from which content can be cast.
  • It can also be controlled using voice recognition using the Google Home App.
  • It is a device created by Google to enhance the TV viewing experience.
  • It is an excellent device for casting files from laptops, tablets, or mobiles to a larger screen.

What You Watch On Chromecast:

YouTube videos can be cast using Chromecast. Google Play Movies and TV allow files to be bought or rented and then streamed. Old DVDs can be streamed on Chromecast using the Vudu app. Netflix can be streamed in High Definition. BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and DailyMotion are a few more services that It allows. With the new deal between Google and Amazon, Amazon Prime Video will also be available on Chromecast unlike earlier. It also allows movies or TV shows to be cast from mobile devices or tablets. YouTube Kids can also be used on Chromecast, allowing children to watch age-appropriate videos.


Chromecast 3rd generation and Chromecast Ultra both have their pros and cons. It not only serves entertainment purposes for people of all ages but also can be used for presentations.

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