How to Use Game Killer on Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is an incredible strategy game which was developed by the popular game developers, Supercell. Earlier, the popular Clash of Clans game was launched and developed by the Supercell developers. That game has acquired an immense response from the game players due to its incredible features.

Now, while playing this Clash Royale game, you can get a real-time experience as if you are straight taking part in a battleground and struggling and combating against an enormous horde of adversaries in the fight. You can also play Clash Royale APK game in a multi-player mode as well.


One of the most challenging things on Clash Royale is the inability to get a high score. But, such difficulty has been solved with the Game Killer APK. The game lovers who have an extreme fascination towards the Clash Royale game can gain bounteous resources using the Game Killer APK. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to hack the Clash Royale game with Game Killer APK. Have a glance!

How to Hack Clash Royale using Game Killer APK?

Clash Royale is an excellent game application available for the users of different platforms. On Clash Royale game app, you can find numerous resources that are available for a certain price. In order to get through more number of levels then, the players need to purchase those resources. In such a case, hacking Clash Royale game comes into the picture.

Procedure to Use Game Killer on Clash Royale

Here is a detailed step by step tutorial that assists the game adorers to hack Clash Royale using Game Killer APK:

  • Initially, open Clash Royale game on your Android device.
  • Ensure that you have already downloaded and installed Game Killer APK on Android phone.
  • You can then find a key-like icon of Game Killer appearing on the Clash Royale game.


  • Once the game has been launched on your device, you can play it for few seconds.
  • Then, tap the Game Killer icon and you need to enter a figure in the search field.


  • For instance, you can type the number as 5800 in the search space. Hit the search button.


  • You need to select the data type as ‘Auto Identify.’
  • It begins the search and displays as Done after some time.
  • A number of search results below the figure will pop-up on the device’s screen.
  • Once again, play the game for some time. Then, go to the search field and enter the number as 58100 and hit the search button.
  • A plethora of search results will display on the screen


  • You need to go to options and tap the option ‘Select Application’ >> Clash Royale.
  • Once again go to options >> Data Control >> scroll down below and tap the option ‘Modify All Values’.


  • Under that tab, you need to enter ‘99999999999’ and hit the OK button.
  • Switch to the gameplay. Voila!! Your score has been increased to your desired number as modified in the game.

That’s it! This is the simple yet detailed procedure to hack Clash Royale game using the Game Killer APK. From now, you can change the game scores, values with much ease. You can purchase unlimited game resources without spending a single penny. Enjoy playing Clash Royale!!

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