How to Use Game Killer on Subway Surfers?

Looking to increase your score on Subway Surfers? Here is the best hack that helps the game players to enhance their game score with unlimited coins. Subway Surfers is an excellent game application designed and developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo. This game is compatible with various platforms like Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone.

The Subway Surfer game falls under the category of endless runner. It is a single-player game wherein the player must control the Jake character who grabs all the coins that come in his way. You need to make the character run in such a way that the inspector and his dog don’t catch him. Millions of players have already downloaded Subway Surfers on their devices.

As much time you stay on the game, the more complicated and challenging it becomes. You run between the trains and collect the coins as much as possible before hitting to the train or caught by the police. If you are seeking to collect unlimited coins then, Game Killer APK helps you a lot. In this post, we have provided a detailed guide on how to hack Subway Surfers using Game Killer APK and collect unlimited coins.

How to Hack Subway Surfers using Game Killer APK?

With just a single click, one can hack their desired game application using the Game Killer APK. Here are the simple yet detailed steps that help the game players to hack the Subway Surfers game with the help of Game Killer APK.

  • Initially, download Game Killer APK on your Android device.
  • By following the simple guidelines on the screen, you can finish the installation process.
  • Once you have installed the Game Killer App successfully on your Android device, you can launch the app.
  • Just minimize the Game Killer app and then open the game that you are seeking to hack.
  • For instance, we are explaining the procedure to hack Subway Surfers game with Game Killer APK in this post.
  • You can then play the Subway Surfers game as usual by collecting few coins.
  • It would be enough to collect a minimum of 10 to 20 coins.
  • Now, tap the Game Killer icon appeared on the same screen.


  • You must enter the number of coins in the empty space and hit the search button.


  • On the screen, you can find numerous search results. Once again, minimize the Game Killer app and open the Subway Surfers game.
  • Repeat the same procedure and you will get 10 to 12 search results.


  • Until you get 4 to 5 search results, you must repeat the above steps.


  • Tap each search result and alter the value as 99999999.
  • Voila! Your game score on the Subway Surfers has increased drastically to your desired count.

That’s all! This is the simple procedure to hack your Subway Surfers game using the Game Killer APK on Android. With this simple hack, you can collect unlimited coins and other game resources absolutely for free. This type of hack can be implemented on different offline Android games with the help of Game Killer app.

For any doubts, never hesitate to post them in the comments section provided below. We are ready to help you with appropriate solutions anytime.

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