How to Download the iflix Apk on your Android Device?

iflix APK is a software for an application that, when installed allows the user to get a free subscription for a video service. This application has a wide range of content, from Hollywood movies to Korean Drama to Live Football and more. It can be manually installed by downloading the APK file on the Android device.

The headquarters of the app are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It serves as a global distribution platform having partnerships with BBC, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Disney, CBS, Discovery and several others.

iflix is an application to cover one’s entertainment needs and It has a very vast collection of movies, shows, and original series. The defining feature of Iflix is the language filter depending on the country the user is in. This makes Iflix a very personalized service which combines free regional entertainment with accessibility.


The application has videos streaming in various languages and is available in Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and a few other countries. iflix App can be downloaded from the play store or installed manually using an APK file.

Specific Features:

  • You can watch movies or TV shows by using the app on more than one devices at the same time.
  • The app offers you watch the content offline for 30 days.
  • When it comes to subtitles you will find subtitles in English, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, etc.
  • You will get fresh content at a smaller size.
  • Not movies and TV shows, you will get to watch Live News and music, other lifestyle content etc. You can stream all these contents from your most watched channel.
  • Most importantly one can find the kid section in the app and find enough content for kids.
  • The type of the content varies with the change of the region.
  • The application allows video files not only to be streamed online but also to be downloaded and watched offline for up to 30 days.
  • It allows content to be viewed simultaneously on two devices.
  • Besides entertainment programs, It also has live News, music and lifestyle events.
  • iflix offers an excellent kids’ section for age-appropriate content.
  • The files, on this application, vary with the region or country, in which it is being used.

How to Download?

Installation of the application is free but it also includes a few VIP features which have to be paid for. Even though the free version of the application is very good, It is accompanied by advertisements that are eliminated in VIP mode.

All shows airing on this platform are in High Definition format. iflix is now available for laptops and computers via a web browser and Chromecast also. iflix aims to create a personalized viewing experience for its users by introducing the Channels, ADD and FOLLOW features. It not only has videos from studios with which it has partnerships but also has a few of its very own original series like The Parent Files, The Pickiest Eater, and Slang Along.

Steps to Download the iflix Apk for Android:

Android’s operating system allows the installation of third-party applications. If the application is downloaded from Google Play, It automatically gets installed. Sometimes different app installers are used which are saved as APK files and have to be installed manually.

iflix App

An APK file is readily recognized by Android devices. However, to install unverified APK files the device settings have to be changed.

  • First, Download the Apk File.
  • Second, the device security settings are altered to allow the installation of files from unknown sources.
  • Then the downloads menu is opened and the iflix APK file is selected to begin the installation setup.
  • The permission settings required for the installation are then granted.
  • Once the APK filed is successfully installed a message is displayed.
  • The iflix app icon can then be found on the home screen and in the device menu.

Also, the iflix application can be used on Windows computers or laptops using Bluestacks, which is a software to use Android applications on computers and laptops. iflix can also be used on tablets. The installation procedure is the same as android phones.

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