Live NetTV Apk Download – Enjoy Live TV on the Go

The advancement of internet technology and content on the internet which is consumable on-demand has seen a paradigm shift in the recent past. This has many benefits, such as no ads, no set schedules, etc. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want! This is no doubt fanciful but lacks the charm of live TV, which has certain nostalgic value to it. The problem with live TV was that you needed a television for it, which limited its utility. Not anymore! With the introduction of apps like Live NetTV, you can enjoy content on the go without TV!

Live TV Experience:

One of the charms of live TV is the incredible level of choice that one has when deciding what to watch. It all depends on your mood. If you want a sport, you can watch one of the many sports channels. If you want news, you can watch one of the many news channels. The same goes for kids, entertainment, music, etc. All these things are available in so many languages too! All this is not available for Streaming apps. They have a limited number of channels in a few languages. But with Live NetTV, you have over 150 channels, giving authentic TV experience.


Benefits Beyond Live TV:

Live TV does truly have some great selling points, but it has some drawbacks too. This may be the newly introduced a la carte system where you have to individually pick the channels you want. The result is that it has become more expensive. With live NetTV, you will face no such problems. You can watch all the channels and you do not need to pick and select channels and pay extra for each extra channel. Everything is included in one well-packaged app and you can watch everything with no limitations and restrictions in terms of price or otherwise.

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Uninterrupted Supply:

Live TV has some other annoying shortcomings too. For instance, bad weather may interrupt your entertainment. This is especially true with people using dishes but can affect DTH users too. This is because they use primitive technology which has not been updated in a long time. This is because they do not see the merit in doing so as most consumers have conclusively moved to stream services. The result is shoddy TV services that leave most viewers frustrated and unhappy. Not with Live NetTV which uses the internet, which has much better services than that on TV or otherwise.

No Advertisements:

There are many live TV apps on the market. They are all over the place. What makes Live NetTV so special in this crowd? How does it stand out? The answer is that it has no advertisements. All other live TV apps have a truckload of advertisements. This is not the case with Live NetTV. There are absolutely no ads in the app. Live TV channels already have ads. You should not be burdened by more ads by the app. But all other apps do burden you. Live NetTV realizes this and offers a service with no ads at all.

Constant Updates and Support:

Live NetTV also realizes that there are a lot of TV channels being added ever so often. They also realize the field of customer experience is constantly widening. Live NetTV keeps itself abreast of all these developments and keeps updating its apps to give you the best possible user experience. The result is that you will never face problems. On the rare occasion that you do, you can always call up customer care, who are always available to help you out with any query. This shows the dedication of Live NetTV towards its customers at all times and all aspects.

Minimum Requirements:

Before downloading the app, however, there a couple of things that you must keep in mind. These are the minimum system requirements. If your device does not meet these requirements, the app will not work on your phone.  The first is that it must be above android 4.0. The app is not supported in older versions. If you have a phone running Android 4.0, it is advisable that you upgrade, not just for this reason, but many others too. Secondly, you must allow installation from unknown sources. Without this, the phone will not allow you to install for safety reasons.


Downloading live NetTV is an absolute breeze and anyone can do it without any hassle. The best way to do it is through the internet by way of an APK. So how do you go about this procedure? Firstly, you must search for Live NetTV APK Download on Google. You will find many options. You must select the option that seems the safest as it is possible to accidentally download viruses if done from an unauthorized source. Also make sure that you are not downloading any additional files, which may also cause harm to your device with viruses or otherwise.

How To Set Up?

Installing the Live NetTV app on your phone is a little bit more complicated than downloading the file. Like all downloads, you will find the file in your Downloads app. But you can’t just go to download and install it. Before doing so, you need to go to the settings app and allow apps from unknown sources. This setting is there to protect your phone from viruses. Once you have done this, you can go back to the downloads app and install it just like you would install anything else. However, it might be prudent to check for viruses after.


Live TV has good nostalgic value and it takes away the pressure of having to decide what to watch. So maybe it is time to move away from streaming services and come back to Live TV. But since you cannot sit in front of the TV all the time, why not take the TV with you? You can do so thanks to the Live NetTV app, and watch whatever you want, wherever you want and whenever you want, right on your phone! This is a true god sent facility, which will liven your day up with shows that you love!

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