Most Installed Apps in the USA

We can say that there is not a single Android phone that has no apps installed. Today apps are widely used by users all over the world. So, today in this article we will tell you the most installed Apps in the USA. Here is the list of those apps.


# Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular and helpful app that can never get you lost in the whole country. The app will guide with you all the directions with the help of GPS. More than 70% of people who have Android phones have installed this app in the USA. You can reach any place where you want to go to.

# Gmail

Gmail is a popular app in the whole world and most of the people in the USA have installed this application. Through this app, a user can send messages or important documents to another person without sharing a contact number. This is the most secure and widely used Email application, where you can also save your data without any hesitation.

# Facebook

 Facebook is a very popular app all over the world. Facebook is a social networking platform from where you can make friends worldwide and contact them. USA people have installed this app to interact with the people in the whole world. Generally, this app is used for a time pass but many people are also getting help from this app.

# YouTube

Watching videos on YouTube is a very common thing today. Users are doing a lot of time pass on YouTube by watching videos. We are also getting updates on the latest and trending videos. More than 50% of the peoples in the USA have installed this application on their Android phones. On YouTube, many people have uploaded tutorials of different categories. You can learn many things from those videos.

# Advanced Task Killer

 This app is quite popular in the USA. through this app, a user can free up their RAM and make their phone speed faster. As users are downloading many apps on their Android phones, which impacts the low speed of their android phones. That’s why peoples of the USA are downloading the Advanced Task Killer app to make their phone speed faster.

# Angry Birds

The game was released in 2009 but still is the most loved game in the USA.A user has to collect golden eggs to score points and clear the levels. This is a very addictive game and more than 25% of Android users have installed this app on their phone in the USA.

# Pandora Radio

This application is for everyone because everyone likes to listen to music and Pandora radio connects you with all the stations where you can listen to music. A perfect application for those who are spending a lot of time in traveling. So this app is perfect to refresh their moods.


So, these are the most installed apps in the USA. Users in the USA are spending a lot of time using these apps because some apps are work-related and some are for their Entertainment.

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