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In the present day when giving a look into watching movies, most people tend to use smartphones due to the compatibility or even mobility for that matter. But yet, there are a few people who just prefer a bigger screen space to enjoy it better. The whole shift from a phone to a Personal computer is the need for a better quality experience. And hence in order to attain this, MX player has to be the best option. But earlier the MX Player was available only to the android users, where you could avail the app directly from the play store. But now that you can avail it on your PC as well, what more to say than, bigger screen and the best experience.

Like spoken above, most people don’t enjoy watching movies on the phones due to the small screen, as well as due to the default app that the phone provides. Shifting from the phone to a tablet would solve the problem of a small screen, but definitely wouldn’t change the problem of default media player. Most people just don’t tend to prefer it due to the least control the video player offers. And thus moving to the personal computer and having the MX Player is the solution to both the issues that arise. MX player in inclusion with the best quality also has many other features, the customers can enjoy.  If you all don’t already use the MX player, then this is exactly why you need to consider being a consumer to the amazing video playing app.

Download MX Player Apk for PC Windows:

Interfaces may not be as vital for playing a video, as those are only for budgeting apps or note-taking apps, but yet again still play an important role in order to not distract you from your video, as you’re mostly just watching it on the full-screen. If it doesn’t feel good it is obvious, you would dislike the experience, and this concern is exactly what we tend to avoid with the introduction of all our features for the consumers. MX player can be termed quite perfect in this aspect, as the folder browser is always very straightforward and clean, to avoid confusion, the browser keeps getting refreshed automatically, as you insert a new video into the app, or as you take off any video from it. The navigation is again very simple.

Cool Stuff About MX Player:

Most people might also have a doubt of how this could have an impact if they have a really old computer or even an old model of computers. But trust me; the experience has no change in it. It is as good, all because of the hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding. Also, you all might wonder what’re the video formats it supports, well MX player some of the most popular video formats that are available. And the quickest solution if you download a video of a format that the MX Player does not support, then the MX Player will prompt you to download another free codec pack, which is most likely to solve your issue.

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Another problem often faced by people watching videos of different languages, and having the need for subtitles, but the video player not supporting this. And this MX Player provides excellent features to the subtitles, various fonts, sizes, or even colors. It also supports dozens of text formats such as the SSA, SMI, SRT, SUB, IDX, MPL, TXT, and many more. The other features are you can zoom in to your subtitles, move it around and screen and place where you want it to be according to your convenience, and also skip backward or forward if you notice a slight issue with the sun of the subtitles with the audio.

Worth Mentioning MX Player’s Performance:

Using MX player is simple and is user friendly. It can be used on a computer or laptop with lesser configuration as well. It runs smoothly without any glitch, this is the result of multi-core decoding of the software. If you are running AVI, FLV, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV, WEBM, XVID and many more, you name it, MX player supports it. If you attempt to run any unsupported file, then the software will assist you to set up an additional pack which will almost certainly solve the problem.


MX player supports subtitles. It can handle a number of subtitles track, Colouring of text, and Styling of text. It can convert numerous subtitle formats such as SMI, SSA, TXT, SRT.SUB, MPL, IDX, and more. It also allows gesture if you are using a touch screen laptop, it helps you move the text approximately on the screen, you can either skip, forward it or backward it if it stops syncing with video playing.

A small disappointment is MX player doesn’t have the playlist feature, if you are a person who watches a video on suggestion otherwise if you are a person who leaves video running while multitasking, this app is a bummer.

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Some Outstanding Features:

  • Playback Resume – When you are watching the video and pause it and visit another tab or if the PC or computer switches off abruptly and you can continue watching it, MX player has an option where it will either ask if it should resume or start from the beginning. It’s up to you to prefer.
  • Network Stream of Playback – MX Player streams video above the internet; it streams from the cloud storage, this works only if there is a direct URL. The only disappointment is it can’t stream video from websites like Vimeo or YouTube without putting in efforts.
  • A-B loop repeat – MX player has an option of Start point with an endpoint in the video, which you can pick and the video plays on repeat between these two points. This feature is not available in most of the Video players.
  • Background audio playback – this feature is similar to YouTube where you can minimize the tab and the video will still be playing in a small window while you are working on something else.
  • Online Subtitle downloads – The MX player has an option where it looks for subtitles for the video you are playing using the

Is It Worth To Buy A Premium Version?

A free version of MX Player has banner ads which are very irritating if you are using on the personal computer, there are no advertisements, so you can manage with the side banners. If you can’t watch videos with it, then MX Player Pro is the premium version available at $6.

Speaking about the features, MX Player has to be your choice for all your personal computers and laptops. So go ahead and download MX player from online websites where they offer you both free and premium versions.

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