Top Sites Like Craigslist for Advertising Services Around the World

Craigslist is an American classified advertisement platform. It includes advertisements for jobs, housing, items for sale, community service, resumes, rentals and others. It was started in 1995 by Craig Newmark as an email broadcast for his friends for local events in San Francisco. In 1996 it became a website. Now it covers more than 70 countries and supports non-English languages like Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. If you are looking to sell and buy stuff online, then here are top sites like Craigslist.

Advantages of Craigslist:

Craigslist provides a large number of services. It is best known for:

Its Anonymity:  It does not reveal the identity of the seller unless a buyer decides to contact them.

Its Transaction Speed: On Craigslist, transactions take place in a few minutes and it has lesser shipping time and overhead costs for the convenience of the clients. Sellers are always ready to negotiate. The platform effectively saves time and money.

Its Free Usage: Barring a few exceptions, Craigslist allows local businesses to advertise their products and services for free. However, there is a stipulation that the users have a limit of one post in forty-eight hours.

Its Local Reach: It not only caters to large scale businesses but also small entrepreneurial start-ups. It provides a wide client base suitable for each type of company or person.

No more chargebacks: It saves its users from chargeback hassles wherein people are tricked into selling items for free. It enables selling products face-to-face eliminating the risks of credit card or online payment.

Customization: Unlike other advertisements, it does not provide a strict word limit for employers to state the specifications of the job.

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National Reach: It provides small businesses with visibility on a national scale. It allows them to sell items or hire people from different parts of the world.

Discussion Boards and Event Listings: The platform has discussion boards that allow people of similar hobbies or interests to converse. It also has event listings for concerts, live shows, and others.

However, transactions on any online platform are not free from dangers. So, it is wise for the person selling or hiring to conduct the meeting or transaction with the concerned person in a public place for the safety of both parties. There is no assurance that the buyer will certainly purchase the product. Regarding the platform, a serious drawback is that the number of potential buyers or bidders for an item is not displayed. Sometimes the buyers are disappointed by the lack of guarantee or updating issues. Also, while responding to Craigslist advertisements one must be cautious to avoid scams.

Alternatives or Sites like Craigslist:

A) For Housing:

SpareRoom: It a website for finding roommates or tenants. This became more popular after a public event, Speed Roomating in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has made looking for a housemate a much easier and faster process.

Ghoslight Housing: Earlier known as Gypsy Housing is a large group on Facebook to help people to find a place to stay. It mainly caters to temporary rentals and short-term subletting of apartments. It is mainly for actors who are looking to stay for a short duration.

Roomster: This website allows homeowners to post the details of their homes. It provides the users with filters to choose whether they are looking for a roommate, a tenant, a single room or an entire apartment.

B) To sell items:

eBay: This is a website with a user-friendly interface for buying or selling items. It is very easy to add items for sale to the eBay server. It allows the seller to choose a category and subsequently update the product details like, condition and pricing. The unique feature is the best offer option which lets people place bids on an item besides the selling price. This allows the buyers to negotiate the cost and the sellers to have a substantial profit.

Amazon Services: Amazon’s selling platform often gets neglected because of its great success as an e-commerce shopping website. However, it does have a selling platform with two different subscription types. Amazon provides free service for individuals but charges 0.99$ per item besides the fee. For the professional plan, it charges 39.99$ per month along with the fee. This makes Amazon the perfect platform not only for small businesses but also for people wanting to sell individual items.

Facebook Market Place: This allows users to buy or sell items in the near vicinity. This combines the user’s Facebook profile with the public information regarding listing to help prevent spam and catfishing. Is your site not showing up in Google search results? then Try LinkLifting

C) For jobs:

Glassdoor: This platform allows job seekers to read reviews about the company they plan to apply for. It also allows users to set the salary range they are expecting. It also provides information for people looking for gigs.

TaskRabbit: It is a same-day service website. It allows taskers, that are people looking for odd jobs, to set up a profile that mentions their hourly rate. It also allows clients to posts requests for tasks. If the requirements of a client match the specifications of a tasker they are connected. The tasker can choose the tasks that he or she may want to perform.

Moonlighting: This platform specializes in providing long term freelance jobs. The job seekers list their skills on the platform and similar to TaskRabbit is matched with the client.


D) Other Similar Platforms:

Oodle: It is one of Craigslist’s biggest rivals. It has categories like pets, vehicles, rentals, real estate, jobs, tickets, services and so on.

Close5: This was eBay Classified earlier and deals with purchasing and selling of electronics, property, cars and other vehicles, gardening equipment and others. It also has a platform for posting about jobs, resumes, community, and services.

GumTree: Most popular classifieds site in the UK. It is extensively used in South Africa and Australia. It is gradually gaining popularity in the US. It specializes in Motors, Pets, Property, and Services.

Locanto: This is used in the US, Australia, Canada, and Austria. The uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows HTML codes to be included as part of listings. The ad remains on the website for 60 days.

AdLandPro: This was created in 1998. It allows users to report abuse to remove scammers. This has E-Books, Online lessons, Automotive, and announcements as main categories.

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Geebo: This website offers safety instructions for both buyers and sellers. Well known for selling farming and construction equipment, employment, and rentals.

Backpage: This is a very popular platform providing services in USA, Canada, Europe, Egypt, Cameroon, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Vast: It searches the global platform to find classified ads to meet the users’ requirements.

Craigslist is a very vast platform providing a multitude of services. It has several advantages like customization, low costs, and global visibility. There are various alternatives to it. Some of the more popular ones are GumTree and Backpage. Even though these websites provide a large number of services they also include a risk of getting catfished, so one must be careful while using them.

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