Teamviewer Alternatives – What are the Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software List?

There was the time when connecting use was hassle-filled and also unsafe. Now, the users can do it simply and access their desktop with it worrying about anything. Well if you are already familiar with the concept then there is no doubt that you haven’t heard about Teamviewer. It is one of the biggest as well as most famous options that you get. Along with that, it is also ranking in the top because of its set of useful features and different functions. But again, there is nothing that can be considered as perfectly perfect, same goes for Teamviewer. The option itself has lots of issues that make the users wonder about switching to any other option. Check 10 Best Free Remote Desktop Tools or TeamViewer alternatives below.

What is the need for TeamViewer Alternatives?

Well before you jump to find the alternative options, it’s important to understand why you need it at first place.  There are lots of questions regarding why the users need the Teamviewer alternatives. When it comes to Teamviewer you will find different issues. For starters, the software is actually not that easy when it comes to configuration.  It’s not just hard to understand but also due to such things, the software leads to problems related to the security. Along with that if the configuration is not done properly then the risk of leaking the information as well as privacy increase too. Not just that, you get the features that will help you in understanding how the software works, but if you want to use it for the long run as well as for daily use then you have to spend a quality amount of money. It can be costly as well as unnecessary for lots of people.

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Apart from that, the Teamviewer software has its fair amount of difficulties that make their users confused. In such as, if you are looking for something which can help you in solving the issue then you are going to need the alternatives. Not just that, it’s also important to make sure that you don’t get anything more hassle filled.  When you are looking for an alternative, you also need to care about the security as its one of the most important as well as crucial to consider. For your help, here are the top best 10 potions that you can consider as best remote desktop software alternatives.

Top 10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Download


If you are all set to try something which can help you in getting the better experience and less hassle-filled process. Then for you here are the best 10 options to consider as Teamviewer alternatives. You can download these options and try it so you don’t have any kind of confusion.

1. AnyDesk:

One of the most famous options that comes after Teamviewer, AnyDesk offers many features that help you in getting remote control over the devices. Along with that, you also get the fastest rates in data transmission with 60 FPS sharing screen. Not just that, it supports all windows including Android, iOS, macOS, Linux etc.  Apart from that, AnyDesk recently launched the new 4.0 which is an upgraded with different features as well as other options.  There is no doubt that you can consider is one of the best options.



  • Enjoy fastest data transmission and low latency
  • Software that comes with rich features
  • Cross platforms


  • You don’t get the feature like screen drawing
  • It can be buggy

Download Here

2. LogMeln:

Here you just not get the remotely controlling features but also you can do the share, store, as well as the collaboration of the files. Unlike the other options, the option let you getting the access to your personal computer so you can do your work no matter where you are.  Well due to its features, it turns out as the best option for those people who work remotely professional. There are lots of features such as remote access devices, get the option for streaming the audio as well as the video etc. it’s a much simple and easy option if you access the device remotely.



  • the setup is hassle free
  • get the whiteboard support
  • record the sessions feature


  • there is no free version
  • the feature like chat and sound is not good in quality

3. Splashtop:

For those who want everything in one, Splashtop should be their first choice.  With the help of services you just not get the access to control the individual and teams computer from anywhere. Along with that, it comes with great security that makes the remote controlling safe and secure.  For keeping the information and everything secure, you here get the two-step verification and password for 2nd level option as well.



  • Get the portable version
  • High in quality video and audio
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Local networks support the free version only
  • The usage of CPU is high

4. Parallels Access:

Parallel access helps you in getting the remote access of the computer which is not just fast, but also reliable and simple too. Well, one of the most highlighted features that you get is the mobile app which let you access the computer on your mobile too.


  • It comes with gesture support
  • Touch control
  • Apps support all windows


  • It only works when you want to access the desktop with your mobile.

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5. Supremo:

This option is counted as one of the powerful and remote desktop control that comes with a complete solution.  You can easily access the remote pc as well as the host meeting without delaying or waiting. Along with that, here you don’t need to install anything or patch too.


  • Support meetings
  • Navigation UI is modern and much simpler
  • No need for installation or configuration


  • You don’t get any voice support
  • The option is not for MacOS

6. Chrome Remote Desktop:

The option is suitable for those who use such services in heavy amount and looking for something free as well as simple.  However, you don’t find this one as effective as Teamviewer is, however it has own benefits and features which is good for the use.



  • Simple when it comes to configure
  • You can get this for all platforms
  • Free for use


  • Features are lacking

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7. ConnectWise Control:

Well before that, It was known as screen connect, but after that, it was taken and renamed as connect wise control.  There are different changes has been made which help in making the features much better. Along with that, the features are much better for the use as they are based on experience in order to give better performance.



  • The paid plans are flexible
  • You get remote as well as remote meeting support


  • You don’t get the iOS support
  • It’s not for the individual user.

8. Bomgar Remote Supports:

For those who value security the most, Bomgar is the ideal choice for them. Comparing to other options, the Bomgar has own features along with product architecture that help in making the security strong.  With Bomgar, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.


  • Get the simple password access with a vault
  • Best security
  • Support all the important as well as major operating system


  • Its little bit expensive
  • The learning curve is more

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9. Lite Manager:

Well, here you get the remote access software over the local as well as the internet. Along with that, it also includes remote supports, distant learning, and supervising the employees work activities.  Lite managers allow you to remotely control overall 30 computers with a fairly capable tier for free.  You can also switch to the paid version, as you also going to get some amazing services there.


  • Get UI simple and clear-cut
  • Also supports chats, audio as well as video chats
  • Free options


  • Setting up is hard
  • The toolbar is not simple to understand

10. NoMachine:

Well, it uses NX technology in order to provide the best as well as the fastest remote desktop quality experience. Along with that, you can also get the features that let you stream online as well as live video or audio. Not just that, you are allowed to access the files, do the transfer and record etc. it suits almost major platforms so you can use it without any worries.

teamviewer similar software


  • Stream audio and video
  • Simple recording
  • You can use it as individual too


  • You have to learn it first before use
  • The compatibility is limited when you are using it from your mobile.


Well, Teamviewer is no doubt one of the best options that you can get in best remote desktop software. However, for trying or gaining some better experience, you can consider all given alternatives of Teamviewer. Along with that, they have its own features as well as bonus points that you will find when you try.

Top 10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives
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