5 Factors To Consider Before Buying Your First Luxury Watch


Deciding which watch to buy for yourself can be as frustrating, especially if you are about to get your first luxury piece. Some people tend to regret their first-ever big watch purchase because of a lack of familiarity and knowledge. Therefore, a quick information check about the brand and model is advised.

Sure, you can walk right into any local Omega, IWC, or Rolex boutique and buy whatever piece that gets your attention. However, if you won’t choose wisely, you may end up making one of the worst decisions. 

Not all luxury watches are created equally; so you could use some help in looking. That being said, here are a few of the things to consider before buying your first-ever luxury watch.


Finance is undoubtedly one of the essential things to consider before jumping into buying yourself a luxury watch. Setting a particular price range for the purchase could definitely help you with which pieces to look for. Purchasing any item outside the price range you place is not smart. You’ll only end up realizing that you can’t afford it.

There are various watch collections like the Breguet Classique offers timepieces that could fit in your budget. Also, taking the time to decide which watch to buy helps you experience a buyer’s remorse. There is nothing wrong with saving some more and waiting a little more to afford the watch you desire. 

Design And Style

Our timepieces do not just tell time; they convey personal fashion and style. Whatever it is, there will always be a watch that suits you based on your preferences. Overall, a watch can be classified as either vintage, luxury, sporty, or even casual. The design you’ll buy should depend on how often you will wear your watch.

If you plan to buy your first watch for a high-end business event, getting a luxury watch is the best choice. Otherwise, if you are looking for a classic watch that compliments different business and personal settings, a vintage or a casual type will be the right call. But, if you are more into sports, a sports watch could have the features you are looking for.


This list will not be completed without discussing the importance of a watch’s function in choosing. If you are searching for a sports watch, getting a water-resistant piece should be considered. If you travel most of the time, you would want to get the type able to tell different times. 

Other watches possess features like a calendar, automatic movement, alarm, or a chronograph which some people find appealing depending on the function they are looking for. 


Durability is the capacity of an object to last for an extended period without the need for too much maintenance and repair. It is the ability to keep functioning even when faced with too much disfigurement. Hours of use and years of life are only a few of the things to consider in checking a product’s durability.

A luxury watch is created by an experienced craftsman using high-quality materials and is put through a lot of quality control tests. Because of this, a luxurious watch offers better protection and better durability than the ones at a cheaper price.

Warranty And After-Sales Procedure

All well-respected brands provide some kind of warranty, but with different durations and terms. It is commonly given by the product’s manufacturer to assure their customers that their product is of excellent performance and quality and puts their mind at peace. A warranty provides consumers the privilege to demand the manufacturers to take care of any issues of the products based on their terms and conditions. 

When it comes to services and repairs, you should be well aware of your end requirements. Most of the time, bringing the item back to the boutique is the only thing to be done. However, if some repairs can’t be done on-site, your watch shall be sent to the manufacturer. 

To sum it up, a service warranty and after-sales procedure should be checked prior to making any purchase. Although these luxury watches passed a series of tests to check its quality, any mishap could still happen. Ensuring to get a warranty will put every consumer’s mind at peace from any unfavorable incidents that might occur with the item.


Purchasing your first luxury watch can be considered as one of the most crucial investments you’ll ever do in your life. Some would even say it is as important as taking care of your retirement plan; you need to make sure of every step and move you make. 

There are many more factors to consider before jumping into that big decision. The things we have discussed in this article are just a few of them. You will always be the one to get to decide which best timepiece suits your preferences and needs.

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