5 Technologies That Will Change Online Casinos in 2021

Online gambling is changing as we write this article! Although it sounds like an exaggeration, the truth is that digital casinos keep evolving in a way that both surprises and impresses the audience. This is possible because tech innovations push the industry forward and make it more convenient and user-friendly.

Some technologies, however, are more influential than others. There are a few innovations that might as well revolutionize virtual gambling in 2021, so let’s take a look at the five most important and impactful casino-related novelties!

  1. Augmented and Virtual Realities

Perhaps it seems like a distant future, but Augmented and Virtual Realities (AR and VR) are already alive and kicking! Anyone who has ever played a game of Pokemon Go knows how exciting AR can be – and that game is already five years old. And if you add VR to the equation, rest assured you can play at low wagering casinos in an environment totally different than everything you’ve experienced before.

AR and VR tools and gadgets are already at your disposal. AR simply adds a fresh layer to the existing image, so it has been around for a few years now. VR, on the other hand, takes more time to fully develop, but it already wins over gamblers with simple tools and wearables.

The two technologies will start flooding the online casino market by the end of the year, while further progress is projected to continue in the following years.

  1. Casinos based on crypto payments exclusively

A lot of online gambling is processed by offshore companies because some countries do not allow this form of gambling. This is exactly why digital casino providers love cryptocurrencies and their key feature known as decentralization.

No single authority can regulate Bitcoin and other digital currencies, thus making it nearly impossible to track casino providers and their clients. There’s nothing illegal about using cryptocurrencies, but it does give people the feeling of safety and anonymity. Bearing in mind that nothing can remain hidden online, this represents a huge advantage for casinos and gamblers from all over the globe.

  1. Personalized marketing

The age of generic marketing messages is over. Today, companies in all branches of business utilize targeted marketing campaigns in order to reach individual users. According to the report, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

Online casinos understand the trend and so they take advantage of personalization to craft highly specific offers for individual clients. What does it mean to you? Well, it means you can expect to see bonuses, perks, and promo offers that perfectly match your gambling preferences. For instance, people who play online slots will start receiving free spins instead of deposit bonuses – but that’s only one example.

  1. Live dealers

This trend is not exactly new in online gambling, but it will keep growing simply because players seem to love it. Even though modern gamblers are used to digital actions, they still love a little bit of human touch, which is exactly what live dealers give them.

Online casinos with live agents are more complicated because they require additional investments in studios and production equipment. However, it won’t stop agile providers from investing in such technologies because the return on investment is too high. It’s a pricey tool for small and mid-sized casino platforms, but big players will surely give it a try this year.

  1. Smartwatches

Who needs a smartwatch-oriented casino when smartphones are available already? Well, it turns out that people constantly look for new ways to make gambling more flexible and convenient, which is where smartwatches blend in nicely.

This type of gambling is almost exclusively reserved for players who only have time to gamble on the go, while traveling or commuting to work. Casino providers recognize their needs and so they come up with smartwatch gambling apps that drastically improve user experience. We are not fans of smartwatch gambling, but it is definitely one of the major trends in 2021.

The Bottom Line

Traditional casinos used to be inert and not too keen on making changes, but their virtual counterparts turned out to be the exact opposite. Online gambling platforms live and breathe digital technologies, so they keep evolving and adapting to the latest features, gadgets, and programs in the virtual realm.

In this article, we showed you five technologies that promise to change online casinos in 2021 and beyond. Which one of these do you believe to be the most important? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

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