Best Features of Live Streaming Dedicated Server


We all can agree to the fact that we catch more information in a video instead of reading the text. It can also be said the reading seems a little bit boring as compared to watching the same thing in a video format. People nowadays are turning to Streaming Dedicated Server services for any type of entertainment, watching the news, enjoying sports because the streaming video trend is now considered into a professional line as well. According to a survey, people who spend most of their time on online activities use ⅓ of the time watching online videos.

Researchers have proven that the percentage of screen time of Streaming Dedicated Servers is increasing very drastically. Various Businesses and Organizations are using video streaming and content as an advantage for their growth. And for producing any video content, there is a need for Video Streaming Dedicated Server. And unlike other consumer-grade platforms, a dedicated hosting platform is very easy to use, consists of various benefits in plans, video uploading security, and technical support by professionals.

What is Streaming Dedicated Servers?


Anyone who loves to see or share videos knows the pain behind it and that too when you don’t want to compromise on the quality of that video. And that’s the time when Dedicated Server For Video Streaming platforms come to your help.

A Streaming Dedicated Servers provides you a video hosting platform that helps you in sharing videos internally. There are several video stream servers solutions that give ample benefits to customers like video production in addition to video editing tools, SEO, monetization, video analytics, and several others. Video Streaming Dedicated Server is part of video stream servers that offers streaming capabilities to a customer that allows them to share your video content in high quality to your targeted audiences.

Nowadays professional broadcasters and businesses are opting for paid Video Streaming Dedicated Server services as it is proven to be a beneficial investment in the growth of their business.

Drawbacks Associated with Free Streaming Dedicated Servers Solutions


While there are several benefits of having Streaming Dedicated Servers but it is important to know that it also includes various drawbacks as well. There are a number of private businesses that use free Streaming Dedicated Servers in which the most popular one is YouTube. But not every service is suitable for every company or business. There are a huge number of companies that don’t offer many streaming features that are necessary for OTT uses.

The drawbacks of having a free video streaming server hosting services are:

  • They don’t provide all the rights to the broadcaster but the host gets all the rights. That means you don’t get any advantage of changing the content or modifying it.
  • You don’t get white label services for your company.
  • With a free video-hosting service, you don’t get control over the ads ( whether you want them to appear or not).
  • You don’t get any additional perks like technical support and customer care service.
  • You get very limited monetization options. If you face any trouble regarding downtime or any other then you can’t get help from any professional technical staff and guides.
  • With a free streaming dedicated server, you get very minimum features like high-quality streaming and low-buffering.
  • A dedicated video streaming video offers high-security perks and features while on the other hand, a free streaming server offers limited security options to the customers.
  • You get very limited integration and API options with free streaming services.

These are the main drawback of having a free streaming video Server for your commercial or regular use. While on the other hand, having a video server hosting can help you in several ways and make your business achieve the desired goals that you have targeted.

Key Features for Pro Streaming Dedicated Servers Services

Having a dedicated server for your use is always helpful in all aspects of the business. Here are the key features that make a dedicated server ideal for streaming videos and various other tasks.

#1. Security

With a Dedicated Server For Streaming, you get the entire network for your use which means that no server sharing with other users and businesses. This is the main quality of having a DS because your company’s or business’s information is kept to yourself only and no other person can use your information for their benefits and mishappenings.

#2. Monetization

A private Dedicated Server For Video Streaming service helps in getting big benefits and money in return to your business inputs. While on the other hand, having a free Dedicated Server For Streaming service gives a very short amount or no monetization options to their users. This is the reason why most of the big-scale companies and businesses opt for a private Dedicated Server For Streaming.

#2. CDN provider

Approximately 63% of the users have suffered from buffering issues while streaming live videos in the year 2017 because of which many customers raised this issue worldwide. And after that year, the ratio of people having buffering issues is gradually increasing. CDN is a factor that helps in resolving the latency and buffering issues in any server by enabling bottlenecks elimination in the system.  A Dedicated Server For Streaming service must have a CDN factor for better and high-quality content.

#3. API Access

API or Application Programming Interface is a feature that allows users to build their own customized applications, integrations, video platforms, and any type of workflow. API access is very necessary while taking out the best of the video streaming platform for any business.

#4. Pricing

Well, price is a factor that any user will consider while selecting any type of Dedicated Server For Video Streaming for their use. Whether you carry a limited budget or an infinite budget, price factor will always come in between when you choose a streaming server hosting solutions. Make sure that you get the best of the services at very low prices in the markets.


The market of video streaming is ever-growing and whatever business or company is there, it will help in growing them with fruitful outcomes. Video streaming is the best way to reach out to your audience and make them understand your ideas more effectively and efficiently, whether it is for product-based or service-based.

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