Can Your Employer Spy on You at Home?

Employee supervision has been there since the dawn of the employer-employee relationship. However, with the transition to working from home, this supervision has proven to be a challenge.

Most employers are concerned that their employees may get too liberal while working at home.

So, can your employer spy on you at home? Well, numerous employee monitoring applications can help employers keep an eye on their worker’s activities. So if you are looking to read an article on spying for Android and iOS devices, today is your day.

This article will shed light on one such application that your employer can use to spy on you. Therefore, without any further waiting, let us get started.


Minspy is one of the most popular monitoring solutions in the market. As one of the leading surveillance apps, it provides a quick and easy way for employers to monitor their employees. With Minspy, your employer can gauge your productivity while at home.

The spying solution provides a way your employer can spy on your phone from a different corner of the world. The app is user-verified, intuitive, and packs in powerful surveillance features.


So what makes Minspy a potential app for your employer to consider?

What Makes Minspy an App Your Employer Can Use?

Employers trust Minspy for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons.


To start with, Minspy is a cross-platform application that works with devices in both Android and iOS realms. It thus provides your employer with the flexibility they need.

Simple Installation

When it comes to iOS devices, Minspy is a web-based program. Therefore, your employer does not need to have access to your phone at any one time physically. All they need to do is provide the iCloud account details of your device.

If you have an Android device, your employer will only need a one-time installation of the app. The app is lightweight and will consume only 2 MB of memory space. The setup is, therefore, straightforward and should not take your employer more than 5 minutes.

Silent Operation

The concept of spying revolves around not being caught by the user while extracting information. Thus, it is needless to say that your employer will go for the app that operates silently on your device. Minspy offers a solution that will spy on any phone without the target even noticing.

This is mainly attributed to the stealth feature that Minspy possesses. This silent operation is achieved in Android devices by automatically deleting the app from the home screen after the setup. The app then runs in the background, making it impossible for anyone to find out that they are being watched.

What is more, the app does not take much space and will operate without any notifications. It also does drain its battery. For the iOS devices, the fact that there is no software download, your employer’s presence will be impossible to detect.

Accessible Web Service

Once set up, the platform uses an online dashboard to send data to your employer. Your employer can then access the dashboard conveniently from any web browser. This remote surveillance capability makes it way too appealing for most employers.

The dashboard also has a pretty user-friendly interface that does not need any technical skills to maneuver.

No Phone Alteration Needed

By use of cutting-edge technology, Minspy can spy on any phone without rooting or jailbreaking. With this solution, your employer will only need to follow a few basic instructions. The rest of the work will be done by the app.

What Kinds of Data is Your Employer Collecting?

When it comes to using Minspy, what your employer can access is endless. Minspy offers more than 35 features, all of which are efficient in spying. Here, we will give you a sneak peek into some of the features.

Social Media Tracker

With the help of Minspy, employers can monitor social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many more. Your employer will get all your sent and received social media messages, media files, contact information, and other related information.

Your employer can thus know when you divulge sensitive company data.


This feature will help your employer access keystrokes made on your device. With this information, they will capture critical data like your messages, usernames, and even passwords.


Location Tracker

With this feature, employers get a unique way of knowing their employee’s whereabouts in real-time. Minspy uses GPS or connected Wi-Fi to show your current and previous locations. The location is usually backed up with addresses, geographical coordinates, and timestamps.


This way, your employer can know where you are when you are supposed to be working.


In addition to location tracking, the geofence feature can help your employer know when you move out of a particular zone.  Using this feature, your employer can set a virtual boundary for your device on an e-map. When the device crosses those marked places, they receive an alert.

Call Monitor

With Minspy, your employer can see all your incoming and outgoing call information. Minspy records details like contact names, numbers, call durations, favorite contacts, and much more.

Messages Monitor

With this feature, your employer will get access to all your incoming and outgoing messages. They will be able to read all messages, including those deleted from your phone if you have an iPhone. 


In light of the above discussion, it is now clear that your employer can easily spy on you at home. All they need to have is a reputable phone monitoring solution. With an app like Minspy, your employer will unearth more than you could ever think.

The app provides a stress-free environment for your employer to gauge your productivity at home. What is more, it is simple to set up and also has a simple-to-use interface. With Minspy, it will also be difficult for you to know that you are being watched.

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