Got Malware for Macs? This Solution Will Keep it Clean Forever

Because of the way that the machines are built, most people think that their Macintosh computers and related products are invulnerable to attacks from malware, adware, and the like.

Nothing could be farther from the truth in reality. Yes, there are a lot fewer viruses for Macs than there are for computers that run on the Windows operating system. But Mac users tend to be large companies and well-off individuals, meaning they are perfect targets for the likes of ransomware, spyware, and other maladies geared to swipe information from unsuspecting parties.

Because of this, leading personal protection software companies like Malwarebytes offer solutions for both operating systems.

How to Install Malware for Mac

MacOS uses a system called sandboxing to keep most viruses from infecting their system. They are built different from PC by way of having their apps separate from the rest of the memory and other functionality so that if there is anything wrong with a particular app it will have no effect on the rest of the machine. But even this is not foolproof, leading on to the need for a different sort of protection.

Malwarebytes App for Mac

You can download the latest version of the Malwarebytes for Mac free at this link. Once you’ve got the file, click on your user Downloads folder and click twice on the Malwarebytes installer icon.

From there, click continue and read through the program notes and license agreement. This is a great spot to learn more about how Macs can get infected and what features the new version addresses. Whether you pay for it or use the 14-day free trial, this version will wipe out any trouble you have on your Mac.

Next, select the drive you want to install the software on. This should be your main drive and the place that you’ll be seeking out viruses. After designating whether you are buying or trialing, and whether the software is for work or home, you get to the screen where you can hit Scan and immediately watch the progress bar begin to cycle.

How Malwarebytes Works

As the app sifts through your Mac looking for dangerous files, it will report it on a screen for threats and junk that gives you the opportunity to quarantine files for examination or simply purge them from your system altogether. If you quarantine them first, you can give your system the opportunity to report its findings back to the larger Malware database. Here it can be checked against all known viruses. If it is a known virus, it will record it as another hit and make sure that other users are aware of its “popularity”. If the database search turns up nothing, the virus will be added to it and a new entry will be recorded, meaning perhaps your quarantine will keep other Mac users to be ensnared by this particular virus. At the end  of your trial you can simply uninstall the product from your Mac, but if you feel that it is worth keeping your device safe, you can also buy a monthly subscription and see how it works going forward.

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