How to Download Movies Without Being Tracked?

We all love watching movies – let’s just admit that. No matter if it’s a blockbuster in the cinema, or a niche TV series watched in the comfort of your own sofa – a good movie is always an option for the evening.

More and more people prefer to download movies and stay at home, instead of going out– thanks to various platforms, they are more available than ever. Not to mention quarantine home theatre becoming all the rage.

However, accessing and downloading some videos might be problematic, as not every source is perfectly legal. Despite that, it’ possible to find some ways to get the movies straight onto your computer or smartphone without being tracked and convicted with breaking the copyrights. How to do that? We present a brief guide.


How to be Anonymous?

The common knowledge says that no one can be anonymous on the internet. But is this really true in all cases? No, it’s not. Apparently, there are some ways in which you can gain anonymity and download your favorite movies without anyone knowing. Of course, this may be considered disrespectful or illegal – everyone is to assess on their own; however, if you do decide to get some movies for free, you need to remain safe. An example of a safe downloading platform are companies like BitDownloader.

Switch to VPN

Site owners or media distributors normally track who and where downloads the items on their sites -they want to track down this information, of course, for legal purposes, but also to gain some information for their statistics. It can be done by simply tracking the IP computer number that is connected with the internet connection you use. To avoid that, you can use a VPN connection instead. A VPN, which stands for a virtual private network, allows you to hide the IP number and, therefore, avoid being tracked. However, if you decide to install a VPN, there’s one crucial thing to keep in mind. You should install the so-called ‘killswitch’, which is a mechanism that automatically blocks the ‘normal’ internet connection once the VPN is down. Otherwise, your computer would resume illegal downloading with your regular internet, if for some reason VPN disconnects. That would mean your IP number is seen and you can get into trouble. You can read more about how killswitch works for instance here.

Use the Torrents

Another way of downloading movies for free is connected with torrents. Torrents are a method of distributing files over the internet. Their work is based on what’s called the BitTorrent protocol, which makes direct distribution from one user to another a lot easier than in the case of traditional downloading.

The most common torrent file is the one with ‘.TORRENT’ extension. You can find a lot of instructions on how to use torrents online, for example here. Nevertheless, torrents can be dangerous for your computer, as they may contain some malware or viruses.

So if you decide to use this method of getting movies from the internet, make sure that you have active anti-virus software. Also, if you don’t really know where to look for torrents, it’s probable that you may get involved in some illegal actions without even knowing. Try to find someone who is more experienced in this area and ask them for help.

Try Out Proxy

Proxy is the name of a server which is a kind of gateway between your computer and another remote computer. It’s also used to obtain web pages from remote devices. But proxy may as well become something more than that – you can use it to redirect your computer IP address to another device and location, so that information about your computer is hidden.

It can be helpful in downloading. In other words, the data about the download will show a completely different address and IP number. If you’re interested in using proxy and want to get more info, have a look at this article.

Visit Streaming Services

What if someone told you that … there are services like Netflix which allow you to watch and download movies without paying a monthly subscription fee? Well, there actually are some online platforms like that. They are a mix of streaming and torrent platforms. However, if you choose to use them, you should also use a VPN, as the connection needs to be private. To find some examples of how torrent streaming services work, read this guide.

Although now the internet connection is available almost everywhere, it is still convenient to have your favorite movies available offline – there are many situations where the internet connection is unstable or simply impossible to get.

Plus, the latest films may not be available on traditional streaming platforms. That’s why it might be useful to know how to download them, either via VPN, proxy, torrents, or streaming services. You simply need to keep informed and always remember about safety issues.


If you’re all Netflixed out, follow our guide – you know what to do! Get the popcorn and nachos ready, cuddle with your favorite person, pet or pillow, and start watching!

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