iGaming Experience Boosted by Improved Wi-Fi Speeds

For those who remember the internet’s infancy, the advent of Wi-Fi and its speed capability are incredible.Gone are the days of hanging screens and waiting ages for sites to load or pictures to download.Today, we take it for granted that we can access a world of information in a matter of seconds.

Improved Wi-Fi speeds and capabilities have made iGaming a popular entertainment source for millions of people worldwide. Here is how it has boosted players’ iGaming experiences:

Faster Loading Times

Speedier Wi-Fi means less loading time and no more staring at a blank screen waiting for access to a site. The internet casino market has taken advantage of this, offering quality games with fantastic visuals and audio soundtracks that allow players to enjoy an authentic gambling experience.

Online casinos have coupled faster Wi-Fi with minimal downloads required to play their games. This saves the user memory space on the cellphone and extended time waiting for data to download. Mobile use is beginning to eclipse desktop computer utilization for playing online casino games, and many sites are designed with this in mind. However, for those still using their computers, improved Wi-Fi speeds also boost Windows performance.

App Deployment

Early apps were clumsy and sometimes unnavigable to first-time users.Enormous strides in technology have made this a problem of the past, with apps now being most users’ preference instead of logging on to an internet site.Online casinos capitalized on this by creating apps for players which grant instant access to iGaming products such as slots and casino table games.

However, a great app is nothing without an internet connection. Therefore, the access to a stable, lightning-fast Wi-Fi connection is essential for optimal app performance. The ongoing 5G launch is expected to accelerate online search and download speeds beyond what a 4G network can achieve.

User Experience (UX)

Faster Wi-Fi speeds allow online casino software developers to enhance the graphics and audio within their games using augmented reality (AR). This complex technology would not work effectively — if at all — if Wi-Fi speed remained as it was just a decade ago.

The improved UX in online casinos has drawn many more players to contemplate this gambling type over a visit to a brick-and-mortar facility. Indeed, many feel that the online experience equals or surpasses a traditional casino. Broader bandwidth means that thousands of players can log onto an online casino simultaneously for live games.

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