Is the Quality of Social Media Traffic the Same as Organic Traffic? (Digital Marketing Agency in Thailand Explanation)

People often find themselves in the dilemma of social media vs organic traffic. They wonder what the difference is and if one is better than the other. Both sides have their advantages and their disadvantages, however, it is crucial to understand both sides in order to have the right conclusion.

What is Social Media Traffic?

Social media traffic is the traffic that comes to your website through social media platforms. For instance, if a person clicks one of your posts and is then sent to your website, your analytics will report such traffic as social media traffic. As its name suggest, this type of traffic is the type of traffic that is connected with social media. To learn more about social media traffic, you could approach a social media agency.

What is Organic Traffic?

Unlike social media traffic, organic traffic is the traffic that results from search results. This type of traffic is the result of people coming from engines such as Google. In short, this type of traffic is the type of traffic that results when people search for things on Google, unlike social media traffic, which are traffics that result from social media posts.

Which One is Better?


People habitually think that it is social media traffic vs organic traffic. However, if people want the best for their business, they have to understand that these have to come together.

Depending on people’s wants and people’s needs, social media traffic may have higher quality for their business and vice versa. The quality of social media and organic traffic is totally depend on one’s needs. To conclude on which quality is better, one would have to meditate thoroughly on his needs.

Investing in both of these types of marketing can be a crucial part of the fame of people’s business. Social media helps people’s businesses connect with their potential clients and build relationships with them, and SEO helps people’s business step up their game. SEO helps your brand build-up, and it will give you the opportunity to showcase your professionalism to potential clients.

The best way to make a website succeed is to be present on all angles, whether it is social media or SEO. The quality of social media traffic may be more important to some people than the quality of organic traffic, but that depends on the people. There is no rule that states that people have to choose between social media and SEO.

To ensure the success of a website, it is important to include both social media traffic and organic traffic. It is no use to just limit oneself to one of these.


Having both qualities of social media traffic and organic traffic is important in the success of a website. Knowing which type of traffic to use can be a game changer. A digital marketing agency service in Thailand, known as IBEX, helps their customers build online presence. With their help and guidance, people have been able to step up their game and reach success.

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