We have seen many peoples are looking for the Stellar Data Recovery Software Review so that they can decide whether you should buy or not. Did you know, Stellar Data Recovery was earlier known as Stellar Phoenix.

This software was launched in 2000 and they are updating all the features frequently. That’s why today we are providing you a complete review of Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Software.

Stellar Data Recovery software helps users to recover the lost data without having any technical knowledge. It is a perfect software and professional for Mac and Windows. They are providing some amazing features, so let us know more about it.



# Supports Various File Types

This is an amazing feature that a user will get in this software. It can recover more than 200 file types from Mac. We know that there are many other software providing this type of feature but a feature that makes this software different from others is that it allow the users to add the news files manually. This feature is not available with other software and it is a perfect and beneficial feature for professionals.

# User Interface


If we talk about user interface then this software has a very basic and simple user interface so that everyone can operate easily. Now, the software developer had done a lot of work on its layout. Now they have made it quite easier for the users to finish the setup of recovering the data.


Earlier, users need to do many steps for the process but now the process is a bit easier. The recovery of data can be easily done in three steps and all the options are visible for going for the next step.


# Recovery Abilities

Stellar Recovery software can find the files easily without any worries. As we have seen that sometimes, the files are going to be missed and it will very tough to find those files lost from the hard drive. But here Stellar offers extensive recovery of data without putting more effort.

In this software, users will get the option of normal scanning and deep scanning, which will be more convenient for the users to act. A normal scanning will help to find almost all the hidden, damaged, and deleted files but not all the files. For that, users need to go with the option of deep scanning, which will help in finding those files, which are stuck somewhere and are not getting with a normal scanning. So it will be very beneficial for the users to find their lost files easily.

# Customer Support

Customer support always plays a very big role if we talk about any service and here Stellar provides an amazing customer support service for their users so that they don’t have to face any issues in using their services.

For any queries or assistance, users can submit a ticket in which they can mention their issues and can request help. The supporting staff will be in touch with you very soon and will review your issue properly. Users can also get the help from FAQs section where all the basic queries are answered briefly for the user’s convenience.

# Repairing Feature

If a user is going for a premium version then they will be able to experience the repairing feature from this software. This feature allows the users to repair the photos and videos, which are damaged at the time of deletion so it will be very helpful for the users who are looking for repairing photos and videos of their family, which will be very beneficial.


So that’s all about the Stellar Recovery Data software, as we have experienced it very helpful and also get some positive reviews of it. So I will recommend all the users to go with this software if you want to recover your previous data with full of perfection.

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