Monero Vs Bitcoin: Which one to Invest in?

The blockchain industry has experienced many ups and downs in 10 years, and today it is already obvious that the money of the future is not gold, but a cryptographic hash. Even the panic caused by the COVID-19 pandemic could not bring down the virtual asset market, the value of crypto coins is slowly but surely increasing, and now is the time to invest in this sector.

And it is impractical to do this, so what kind of cryptocurrency to invest in? We will try to answer this very topical question in our review. Of course, you should not take our advice as the ultimate truth, but we will try to make an objective analysis of the prospects of some interesting startups. So, which cryptocurrency to buy?


Bitcoin is at the top of the cryptocurrency Olympus and is the best digital coin to invest in. It has been around for 10 years and the entire blockchain industry started with it.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s digital coin was not worth a cent 11 years ago, but today you can get much more for it. Those who bought 1 BTC during the crypto winter period of December 2018-February 2019 for $ 3,200/3,500 in the summer could sell it for $ 11,000, having received over 200% of net profit. According to one of the pioneers of the crypto industry, Hella Finney, the final cost of one BTC coin should be equivalent to $ 10,000,000. And this is as of 2009, but during this time the real value of the “evergreen” has somewhat decreased.

Bitcoin, given its high reliability and limited emission, can really become digital gold, an absolute benchmark of value, and then the future of coin holders and their descendants will be secured. Of course, investing in promising young cryptocurrencies requires less investment, but buying Bitcoin you run almost no risk.

If you are a long-term investor, then you can leave the cryptocurrency in Matbi for safekeeping, and if not, you can send it to other bitcoin addresses. If you have any questions, the round-the-clock technical support is always ready to answer them.

Perspectives for Monero in 2021

There is an increase in the number of companies and online stores that support payments using Monero:

  • this will help steer monero’s course towards growth;
  • the biggest jump in the value of this coin occurred when representatives of the Apple store announced the possibility of its use.

At the same time, now this payment instrument is more used by users to carry out exchange transactions. It is still difficult to talk about the projected level of the coin’s value for 2021.

The advantage of the currency over bitcoin in the anonymity of transactions will only be confirmed by time. In anticipation of the next upgrade of the currency, users tuned in to the beginning of its purchase, because such investments can bring a good profit in a short time.

It should be borne in mind that even despite the fact that monero has every chance of becoming one of the main currencies of the crypto market, its emission volumes may not be enough for XMR to be accepted for calculations. But it is worth noting that due to the large difference in the capitalization volumes of XMR and BTC, Monero has room for growth, which can serve as a positive signal for investors.

Therefore, experts and observers of the crypto market point out that now is the right time to invest in Monero as there is a great chance to get a solid profit. You can use xmr to btc converter to invest in the best variant. Of course, such investments are not able to bring quick income, so such financial investments are more suitable for fans of long-term investment.

For a short time, it is difficult to predict changes in the value of the XMR coin as all cryptocurrencies have.

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