A house is merely a space bounded by few walls and a roof. It does not have any sentimental value until you attach to it some, and make it into a home. A home is what you create with the things and people you love, the memories they carry and the sentiment they bring out in you. Moving to a new house isn’t scary but leaving a home behind, is.

Moving to a new home is certainly exciting but it does come with a lot of responsibilities and stress. It is not an ideal thing for people to do, but is in fact a con of being an adult. Moving requires a great deal of planning, packing, sorting, and redecorating. All those things can be really stressful but there are ways to control your stress when moving to a new home. There are a lot of ways to reduce this stress so you can enjoy the moment and look forward to a positive change in your life.


In this article I will mention some ways you can fight your stress while moving into a new home so that everything goes smoothly and the experience is a lot more memorable for you.

1. Make a To-Do List

To stay organized during the chaos of packing up and moving to a new home, the first step to help with the stress is to make a to-do list. This list will help you organize and manage all of the tasks that you will need to do before and after moving to a new home. It will also give you time to complete the tasks beforehand and in a way, you will be scheduling your worry time. Many experts suggest keeping a handy dandy notebook with a to do list with you 24/7. This will help you in keeping tabs on all the things on your list as well as give you freedom and space to jot down more, if need be. A list of things that you need to do, written down by hour and by day will make it less daunting. Another nice way to enjoy these to-do lists is to use a personalized bullet journal or a notebook.

2. Implement a Packing Order

The smartest way to stay on top of your moving and avoid stress is by planning to pack in an orderly fashion. The first thing you would want to do is to make sure you have ample amount of time to pack. Hurried packing will only make a mess, you will lose your things and it will be stressful in the end. There are many ways to ensure a good packing order. The best would be to start with single rooms. After you are done with one room, you may label the boxes and move to the next. An order like this will save time when you’re unpacking in your new home. This will also help you tackle one responsibility at a time and ensure enough care is put to the packing of your belongings. And you will have everything packed and ready for the moving company when they arrive.

3. Ask Family and Friends for Help

Moving houses is a big deal and the most stressful one at that. In times like these where uncertainty lingers, you much reach out and ask for help. There are multiple tasks to assign to people and a little help goes a long way. Whether is be looking for moving companies, or packing up cutlery, sorting through your wardrobe or de-cluttering your cabinets, get your family and friends to help. If you think you and your friends cannot manage the task alone, hire some moving companies or professional help to make the process of moving a little easier. But if family and friends are all you require, make it into a fun day by grilling up some burgers or having a pizza party after a long, hard day of packing.

4. Give Yourself Breaks

It is a tedious process of having to move homes and with all the clutter and panic around you, don’t forget to take a breath. All of this can be extremely overwhelming but taking a break and getting yourself a cup of tea in-between the work will help matters greatly.

When you find yourself in your new home, remember that its okay to feel uprooted. It will take time for that house to become a home. 

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