Top 10 Requirements for a Live Streaming Dedicated Server


Video Streaming Dedicated Server offers the facility to have graphic information sharing from one place to another. Streaming Dedicated Servers are very useful in marketing fields to demonstrate and explain the product to customers directly from the offices. You can do live chats and conferences with customers/employees, organize seminars and workshops, demonstrate the product in great detail with customers just from your offices. Video Streaming Dedicated Server usually meant to provide the video-sharing facility with high resolution and performance along with other services such as live cameras for surveillance and security. Dedicated Server For Video Streaming is now a basic requirement in today’s era for nearly every sector to increase customer statistics and their demands. This can also be seen by the success of apps like Periscope, HQ Trivia, etc. Let’s take a look at it and know what are the requirements to sustain with them as a worthy technology for your startups and firms.

What is the Video Streaming Dedicated Server?


Video Streaming Dedicated Server is basically dedicated physical servers to video streaming facilities, which store and manage the graphic content and help them to share with others. The Live online content which we see is just because of having Streaming Dedicated Servers, which offers fast and perfect video sharing facility. It gives the performance with fast speed and graphic sound quality. Also, it makes Live content and broadcast in the media industry possible with such fast speed(in seconds) everywhere in the world. With having Streaming Dedicated Servers, one can store massive amounts of graphic data with security in your hands since they are unshared with other users, unlike normal servers.

Video Streaming Dedicated Server is capable of streaming even the recorded videos and can transfer multiple video streams simultaneously.

They offer multiple functionalities that are useful for basic requirements, like that of security. You can have Streaming Dedicated servers for the security of your office and houses. Since they can store long recorded videos in them with reliability, stored videos can be used whenever you want to play. You can have your live conference with seniors/employees/clients, students to teach them as in online classes, etc.

10 Most Requirements for a Live Streaming Dedicated Server


To enjoy the great benefits of Video Streaming Dedicated Server, providers must fulfill certain requirements which are given below as follows.

#1. Low Latency Protocols – With having outdated protocols, one is unable to run Dedicated Server For Streaming, Low Latency Protocols allows you to experience fast and interactive video sharing with simplicity, scalability, and performance along with the benefits of old protocols.

Morden Protocols such as SRT( source reliable transfer) and WebRTC are such low latency and updated protocols to meet the current needs of the cyber world.

SRT is based upon the User Datagram Protocol that enables features of fast and rapid graphic content sharing with automatic error corrections and bandwidth adjustments.

WebRTC is a browser-based protocol, for transferring live video content in real-time. It is more advanced than its previous alternative RTMP( now outdated) to get better performance and rapidness in sharing data for live streaming demands.

#2. Multi-Device Support – Video Streaming Dedicated Server, must capable of having multi-device support. Due to having multiple platforms(browsers) and OS on a wide variety of devices from traditional computers to smartphones, i-pads, tablets, etc. It is necessary to meet the demands of such users on multiple platforms.

In the case of WebRTC, it supports common web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc without the requirements of extra and unnecessary plugins and can work well within the webpage.

#3. Compatibility of Outdated Protocols – It is sometimes important to consider older protocols since there can be a lot of factors that can restrict the use of WebRTC. With some required modifications, the older versions can really be helpful.  Older protocols such as RTMP are now even widely supported by many encoders on hardware and software. Thus modern servers must have the compatibility to support such versions.

#4. Technical Assistance – Technical assistance is a must even with the best Video Streaming Dedicated Server brands to maintain consistency and reliability with your services. It should be rapid, effective, and cooperative in order to get server problems resolved with accuracy and precision.

#5. Scalability – Scalability is an essential component of a successful business model. For the service of Streaming Dedicated Servers to millions of users at a time, you must require that level of resources. As it is not worthy to have direct peer connections with users rather with the help of cloud architecture and configuration it is routed by servers you use.

#6. Performance – The most important thing for any Video Streaming Dedicated Server, is performance and rapidity by which it shares the video data. Live broadcasting contents are nearly impossible to manage without great data sharing speeds of dedicated servers and bandwidth adjustments.

Another thing that must be noted is that video decoding and memory processors, so that content can be recorded and decoded whenever we require to play with ease.

#7. Portability – Portability is another key factor to consider while looking for Streaming Dedicated Servers, otherwise, due to having a lack of portability in live streaming platforms, most companies force you to choose whatever be the available conditions or need to build a new environment to work on.

 Hence your Video Streaming Dedicated Server must be portable in order to sustain a variety of platforms.

#8. Customizability – Applications and Apk’s offered by providers must be customizable by the user so that he/she can adjust the server accordingly and can enjoy the great degree of freedom. Older versions of applications must support live streaming servers with little technical modifications in them so that users don’t need to build any new architecture to work on.

#9. Dependability – Live contents are not possible without having a consistent Video Streaming Dedicated Server so that it could handle your reputation while conferences and online presentations. Should be capable to work for 24/7 with great assurance of consistency. And must be trusted by a large no. of users and technocrats.

#10.Innovative – Video Streaming Dedicated Server, should be innovative so that it can vary or adjust according to the technical requirements of the current cyber world. With having the latest protocols and updated applications, it should be consistent with different kinds of platforms at affordable prices.

Innovating with the new features, make it ready to use for a vast number of customers or entrepreneurs.


Be the part of a new advanced cyber world with more security and other features available in your hands and stay connected with the smart technology world. Live Streaming dedicated servers help you to facilitate graphic/video sharing with your friends, families, colleagues, bosses, clients, teachers, etc. It takes you anywhere in the world within a few seconds and can express your views more confidently to them. For new startups and entrepreneurs, it can be a great deal in helping you to serve your customers with more trust in many ways such as by explaining, demonstrating, guiding with new and latest products.

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