How to Transfer APK File from PC to Phone

APK files are a type of archive file which can have any name with the extension .apk. It is a file used for the installation of applications on Android gadgets. Android Application Packages or APK files are similar to APPX files for Windows. These files are usually not seen by the user as the Android operating system deals with installations in the background via Google Play store or other third-party applications. APK files can be used to upgrade or downgrade applications as per the requirement of the user. Other than .apk android application package files also have extension .xapk . Both .apk and .xapk are of JAR or Java Archive file format.

Types of APK Files:

APK files are of different types performing varied functions. There are APKs for utility applications, multimedia applications, instant messaging, social networking applications, gaming applications, file sharing applications, and numerous others. APKs may also be of a different classification like signed or unsigned APK files. Signed APK files are protected with a digital key while unsigned ones are not. Besides that, APKs may be in debug or release mode. Sometimes some app developers release certain APKs to VIP users for beta testing, which is testing new features.


How to Transfer APK File to a Mobile Device:

  • APK file is downloaded on a laptop or personal computer from the website and saved in a folder.
  • Then a suitable USB cord is connected to the mobile device.
  • Then the notification appearing on the mobile screen is chosen.
  • This shows a dialogue box with three options.
  • The media transfer option is chosen which allows all types of files to be transferred from a PC or laptop to an android device.
  • Then the application is navigated from PC and the send to option is selected.
  • The android device is chosen.
  • The file is copied to the mobile device. It can be located on a mobile device using a file manager or My Files application.
  • Then the icon for the APK file is tapped and installed.
  • Many Android apps can be used to move APK files in between devices, this is called APK sideloading.
  • APK files can also be transferred to mobile devices remotely using Bluetooth connectivity.

APK files have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. There’s an application for everything from checking health statistics to ordering groceries to reading books and other pdf files to daily transport bookings. In the infinitely large number of applications, their APK files and upgrades

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