Tubemate for PC or Laptop on your Windows 10/8.1/7 to Download Videos

Readers, You all know that YouTube has become the most famous and the best video platform worldwide due to the immense collection of movies, clips, trailers, videos and music in general which are hosted on their servers. Since we all find a lot of interesting videos on YouTube, We all want to download them, Isn’t it? But, to download them proper Software or an App. (Application) is needed for this purpose. So, what can be better than Tubemate? This App is available for many devices such as Tubemate for PC, Tubemate for Mobile… and so on. Let us know more about it in detail.

What’s Tubemate App?

Tubemate is an outstanding app designed to let everyone download videos from YouTube in an easy and quick way with no troubles or over delays throughout the download process. Talking about its fantastic features, its super fast downloading feature is the main one, designed to provide multiple connections which are a useful way to increase or accelerate our download speed. It is something similar to what some P2P programs like Torrent, Ares, and eMule use.

Another great feature is Background Multi Download, which comes very handy when we take care of our other tasks. This feature helps you caring for another task'(s) which are running on your device like, Your Whatsapp Web, Facebook while the download still runs in the background.

Most of you (like me) are music lovers, Aren’t you one of them? Then this application is probably made for you because It includes a built-in video to MP3 converter that grants users to transform quickly their videos into mp3 files for a very comfortable playability on their devices.

So, now let us jump to the best part of this post, most probably you all wanted to know.

How to Install Tubemate on PC?

So, to install Tubemate App for Windows PC you should keep going with this article, you should have a good working internet connection too.

So, before I continue with this article, let me tell you the requirements.

  1. The first and the most important requirement you will need to have is a working internet connection, without a good internet connection, you cannot even go with one single step.
  2. The second requirement, you should have to download an android emulator, one such is Bluestacks from below.


With the complete requirements, you can proceed to the installation of Tubemate App on Windows PC.

So, there are two methods for this.

Method #1

  1. Firstly, before you proceed I again remind you to download Bluestacks and install it.


  1. Soon, as you finish with the bluestacks thing, you may continue to download the file by giving a hit to the download button.
  2. Downloading the above file, it should open with Bluestacks If it doesn’t then you have possibly installed it in a wrong way.
  3. When inaugurated in the Bluestacks you can click on the install button, and you will be done.

So, by this, you have installed Tubemate for PC.

Anyways, if you were not able to do so, then go with the second method because I am sure that one method can fail but two approaches can’t.

Method #2

In this approach, we will again go with Bluestacks to use Tubemate App for your Windows PC or Laptop.

So, you will need to open bluestacks which you downloaded and installed in the previous method.

When you open it, you should see a search bar there where you can type in your traditional app, So, Here we are talking about Tubemate. So, Search for “It”.

You’ll find tube mate there.

Click on install and you’re done.


Finally, I’ve thought you how to download and install Tubemate for PC. So, now you’ll not have any problem downloading YouTube videos.

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