How to Download and Install TutuApp Pokemon Go Hack

In the world of cartoons, Pokemon was one of the most popular cartoons. The cartoon series was then even transformed into a movie series. The Pokemon series was so powerful that it not enticed the kids but also managed to hold the attention of adults also. It didn’t come as a surprise when looking at the popularity of the cartoons it was later converted to a game, called Pokemon GO. And the extent of popularity of the cartoon series was right away evident when the Pokemon GO game managed to acquire a subscriber base of 1+ million subscriber base within a couple of days after the launch.

The designers of the Pokemon GO game gave it the same concept as the original cartoon series. In the Pokemon cartoon series, there were different trainers that needed to travel all over the world to catch the different varieties of Pokemon. Every Pokemon has a different capability and different power. The stronger the Pokemon, the harder it was to catch the Pokemon. As mentioned the game was developed on similar lines. In the Pokemon GO game, the players became the trainers. And similar to the role of the trainers, the players were expected to catch the different Pokemon.


How to Play the Game?

All the players of the Pokemon GO game had to install the app and once the app was installed, they had to open the app and start looking around their surroundings to find the different Pokemon. There was no strategy that was needed. Just a good aim to catch the Pokemon with the ball in 3 throws or the Pokemon would escape and you would need to catch the Pokemon again. Hence trainers or players could try catching the Pokemon wherever they went – like when they were at home or out traveling to work or some other place. And even play the Pokemon GO game wherever they were. Each location would mean a high probability that you might encounter a Pokemon that you have never captured before.

Different Versions

The Pokemon Go game is available for download via the Google play store for Android devices or the Apple app store for iPhone or iPad users. However, there is another version of the game which is much more mod version. The benefits of the mod version are that it provides a better user interface and enhances the gaming experience with better visual effects. The only thing that causes the problem is that this version is not easily available and most of the times there is a lot of searching over the Internet that needs to be done for this particular version. There are many who are not even aware that such a version exists. And the ones that are aware most of them give up looking for the right installation file that would be compatible with the mobile phone that they are using.

How to Install the Pokemon GO Mod Version

And that’s what we are here for – to make your life happier and easier. With the TuTuApp, you can now install the Pokemon GO mod version very easily. Let’s just see how this can be done very quickly achieved by following some quick steps.

  1. The first step would be actually downloading the installation file. Any android device requires a .apk file for installing the app. The .Apk file for the TuTuApp can be downloaded from Here.
  2. You will need to download the TuTuApp Apk file and have the same saved on your mobile.
  3. Then you need to go to “Settings” and under “Privacy”, there is an option that says “Install from Unknown Source”. You need to enable this option.
  4. Once the above option has been enabled, you need to go to the “File Manager” and look for the .Apk file for TuTuApp that you have downloaded.
  5. Once you find the Apk file, you need to click on it and select “Install”.
  6. The installation process would automatically begin, you can use the TuTuApp once the installation process is completed.

Once the TuTuApp has been installed, open the TuTuApp app drawer. You can either scroll through the TuTuApp drawer or search for the Pokemon GO game. Once you have found the Pokemon GO game, click to have it installed on your phone. Now its time to start playing the game and catching some Pokemon.

Bottom Line:

The TuTuApp gives you the option of downloading other apps and games free for your mobile phone version. Both the TuTuApp and the Pokemon GO are very small files and each of the files requires about 100 MB of space each on the mobile phone. On the other hand, the cache size could create a bit of a problem, as it would go on increasing as you play the game or use the TutuApp more and more. Hence it is advisable to ensure that you have the cache cleared from time to time.

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