Everything You Need To Know About UC Browser APK

UC browser is an app and a web browser which is owned by the Alibaba group, developed by UC web which is a Singapore and China based mobile Internet Company. In 2018, it is said to be the 4th most popular mobile browser in the world after safari, Firefox and Google. The UC browser Apk uses data compression and cloud acceleration technology. This is available on many smartphones and feature phone platforms. It has a good download management and includes a download manager, which includes pages for offline reading, It also supports pausing and resuming downloads. The download manager sorts the files and places them in respective order. UC browser also has many problems, that it is insecure and has privacy problems. UC browser is a fantastic app to use as it provides many benefits.

About the App:

UC browser is a free web browser for an android device. This app allows people to get access to a variety of content that includes, popular videos, their favorite songs, sports update, news and much more. The app also offers, fast speed that means, people now don’t have to endure slow speed or unnecessary delays with downloads etc. You can do much more with UC browser, such as customize and personalize, as you want.


For example, a news enthusiast can now receive news from the latest. The UC browser app allows you to have a friendly and new experience with minimal data usage and is user friendly. The people using the app, can also choose to activate the ad blocker that allows them to block ads and avoid being bombarded with ads all the time, while browsing online. The app also offers to reduce the light of the phone screen, by providing extra protection, by offering a night mode and gives the users eyes protection against the harsh screen light.

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Benefits of the App:

The app is completely secure and if you’re looking for an efficient browser always look for UC browser. It has it’s own benefits such as, it is safe and easy to use, for people who download the app for the first time, it is not hard to figure out how to use the app. It is fast browser and convenient for android users. It allows people to access their favorite songs and videos easily and get updates on cricket and other sports and news. It also doesn’t use that much data, hence saving the data whilst providing benefits. It also has a smart menu that is categorized based on genres as you want. It also has a night mode that you can switch on. Ad blocker also available that avoid random ads that disturb your browsing time.

To Use the UC Browser Apk, Certain Permissions are Needed:

First is to connect your phone to Bluetooth, discover and pair the Bluetooth, access information about networks, to access the camera on the device, access precise location, access approximate location, read from external storage, write external storage, access to the vibrator, set the wallpaper, enter the multicast mode of Wi-Fi, mount and unmount file system for the removable storage, collect components using statistics, disable the keyguard if it’s not stable. Expand or collapse the status bar, write the sync settings, change the network connectivity state. Uninstall and install a shortcut in a launcher, prevent the processor from sleeping or screen from dimming, read the sync status and write the sync status, list of accounts in the account service. Clear the caches of all the installed apps on the device


Problems with Privacy and Security issues:

There has been many security and privacy issues that have been identified in the Chinese and the English version of the UC browser. Both the version of the application leaks a significant amount of personally identifiable and personal data. Therefore the users privacy details and other information can be accessible through trivial decrypting of the traffic and by observing the encrypted traffic, the information includes, the geo location data, mobile device identifiers, cellular subscriber information and search enquiries. There is a big reason for concern, as the location, search queries without encryption represents a privacy risks for the people who use the app as the information is easily accessible

In the Chinese version of it, the DNS lookups are not deleted when the users attempt to delete their private data by clearing the application’s cache, this is a major concern as well as the cached record of the DNS allow the third party to access the device and it make easy to the third party to identify the websites that the user attended or visited before. It also has a leakage of IMSI, IMEI, therefore with the weak encryption used by the UC browser, the third party having large amount of decrypting data, they will be able to track subscribers and their mobile devices they move around the world.

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The mobile ecosystem is very complex that means it is multi-layered and involves significant amount of volumes of personal information and that are transmitted across devices and networks, operating system and application operated and owned by many private companies across the world. Therefore it means that mobile ecosystem becomes very important in day to day lives of the people, thus the security and privacy protection is important.

How to get UC Browser Developer Agent:

If you want to download the developer version of the APK, you need to link to plus.ucweb.com/download. You can download the China version or the distributed version on the Google play. The Chinese and the distributed version are completely different from each other; they don’t say anything about which one has a better version. You can sideload the APK onto your android version.


You can easily download the UC browser on the play store application. The developers are working on the security and the privacy issues in the UC browser application. The UC browser has many benefits and it is one of the most efficient applications.

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