Best Funny Voice Changer Apps For Your Smartphone

Would you ever find yourself inside the need of playing techniques with your friends or family by adjusting your voice while having a genuine-time talk or recorded voice tap? Well, there is always a host of voice changer software on the web, which permits you to change your voice into a unique sort of voices including another sex voice (from man to female and vice-versa), kid voice, dog voice, robotic voice or far more. This application may be used for your entertaining or interesting purpose during speaking with your knowns over voice calling applications in your computers like Skype, Viber and Google talk.

These voice changer software can be found in two versions – real-time and Non-real time. The former one lets you change and send your voice immediately during a live conversation while the later one request you first to file your style in a supported audio format after which permits you to make improvements in it using different characteristics. You may easily add effects and change your voice without any difficulty! Employing Voxal voice changer makes it possible for you to use the effects in actual time. You can find plenty of visual effects which give a professional touch to your clips. You have 24 sounds effects that can be applied while having a call and also, it offers you the choice to change the volume a feature which other apps don’t have but, in all honesty, we find it pretty much useless.

Besides altering your voice, you can also add background sound while having a conversation with somebody. If you’re a guy, you can produce your sound like a woman. If you’re a woman, you are able also to make your voice sound like a guy.

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Funny Free Voice Changer Software:


A wide array of web-based voices are available, and there’s a Text to Speech also. Funny Voice is a free program only readily available for. Fake Voice includes an extremely straightforward interface. It is a great free option that is set to bring a ton of laughs to your communications. You can also produce your voices. There are lots of voice changing tools to be found on the internet, but Clownfish is the perfect one.

Since there are certainly a lot of voice changer applications on the internet, you could find yourself confusing in selecting the right one for you. But do not worry, we go to yourself and filter the choices for you. Here, within this manual, we deliver best voice changer software with many innovative features. These are available at cost-free; you can obtain everyone which matches you the most.


Top of the listing of recommended freeware for adjusting the style, Voxal Voice Changer has a great user interface and comes with numerous predefined resources to improve your voice at different levels. It operates as both, real-time and low real time voice changing software. You may implement the consequences in your voice in real time during a dynamic call. It also lets you make improvements to a pre-saved audio file. By using this freeware, you can modify or modify the initial voice into the true voice of a man, woman, programs, alien and many others. This is the best Voice Changer Software.

Skype VoiceChanger Software:

It’s a genuine-time voice changing software that is developed by Skype. It is the most effective software to trick your beloved ones with the addition of the actual time voice-changing outcomes for your original speech within a live call over the Skype. Additionally, you get an alternative to modifying with various effects within the software. A very important thing about the Skype Voice Changer is, it’s also for sale in a portable version.

Fake Voice Software:

Fake Speech can be a quick and easy to use voice-changing freeware. It enables the consumer to alter his/her speech into a new speech such as the style of fresh, old, cartoon, baby and much more. To modify or change the voice, transfer the sliders of different device options up or down. You can even hear changes while adjusting the options.

Voice Changer:

It’s a straightforward and user-friendly freeware for adjusting various attributes of a recorded audio file. It supports audio file in three forms namely,.wav,.mp3 and.wma. It gets along set of tools for voice-editing such as the various frequency change effects, unique speech option, and audio rate change. You can save the audio file in.wav structure after applying necessary outcomes. Because it is just a non-real-time software, it doesn’t let customers for using the different audio effects while having an actual time communication. You can only just change your speech applying this instrument after it’s documented in a supportable audio format.

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Morph Vox:

It is an all in one solution for changing voice into a completely different tone. Within this application, you’ll get 3 outcomes by default – Gentleman, girl, and child. It is one of its types real-time voice changer freeware and the most effective to utilize for an entertaining purpose. By using this instrument, you can also change your speech while playing online flash games or having a live chat.


This software enables you to play prank calls online while talking to your family or friends. It is a real-time voice changer freeware which enables you to change your speech while using IM (Instant Messenger) desktop programs like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. During a dynamic phone, you can include different results for your unique voice. If you are a man and need talk such as a person or if you’re a female and want to talk just like a guy, you are likely to enjoy this All-in-One Voice Changer. Moreover, you can also dub an entire movie in funny ways using this application.


It is a message changer software and may be utilized during an active call. It shows the improved speech waveform throughout a voice call via desktop messenger application. To use this software, first, open the messenger application and then allow the VoiceMaster to access through Skype. There’s slider selection on the VoiceMaster software screen; you should use it to regulate the frequency of your voice.

You shouldn’t use the technology of call spoofing in a manner which causes harm towards other people. Voice changer software can be useful in some various ways. Among the very best voice, changer software that you may download for free is Voice Candy. Among the very best voice, changer software which you can use is Face Voice. If you’re looking for the very best voice changer software for expert usage, you may download and install Virtual Personality voice changer.

All-in-one voice changer is among the best tools that you can utilize to earn prank calls. It’s pretty straightforward to use Voxal Voice Changer. Voxal Voice Changer supplies a versatile experience as it includes an extensive range of choices to change your phone. Not only the young, in actuality, Clownfish Voice Changer, is becoming popular amongst individuals of all ages.

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