Spice Up your PC or Laptop with these Windows 10 Themes

Microsoft offers many beautiful themes for windows 10 users. These themes range from nature to anime. The majority of the desktop users are too lazy even to change their desktop background image. They tend to stick with one background image for life. Installing a new theme will change the same boring look of your desktop with the coordinating colors and beautiful background and lock screen images. Sometimes these windows 10 themes also include new customized sounds and may even change the look of your start menu. It will bring a nice change to your otherwise dull windows 10. Shortlisted below are 10 best windows 10 themes.



Love Apple products but cannot afford a MacBook? Oh, no worries you can get the MacBook feel in your windows pc. The secret to that involves downloading the macDock theme from DevianArt. The theme has been designed to replace the windows taskbar with a mac dock look-alike. Like the windows taskbar, which shows you all the apps that you frequently access, these mac dock look-alike also does the same job. This theme does not just give you the feel but also the experience as it comes with all the major Mac apps like Siri, Safari browser, Expose, and Finder.

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GreyEve Theme:

As you can already tell from the name of the theme, it is a dark theme making use of only black, grey, and white. If you use your computer a lot in the dark, it is better to install a dark theme as they do not strain your eyes too much unlike bright, colorful themes, plus they have the added cool factor. This theme is a very minimalistic theme. The theme is only available on DeviantArt, and you need to follow the instructions mentioned on the developer’s page on DeviantArt to install the theme properly.


Here is one colorful neon theme after the dark GreyEve theme. This theme can best be described as a vibrant theme with beautiful neon colors with black and white background. This theme feels very cheerful and allows you to customize the theme as you want. If you are bored of the square-shaped windows buttons in the default style of Windows, you can opt for a rounded one. The theme allows you to go borderless as well as bordered if you want.


Another dark theme for you! This beautiful theme uses grey, white, and green to make your desktop pop while at the same time, being easy to your eyes. The theme has a very modern look to it. While the context menu, sidebar, and borders are in grey, the folders are in green. The play between the color grey and green looks beautiful on screen. Again this theme is not from Microsoft; instead, it is available on DeviantArt.

Ubuntu Skinpack:

Love Ubuntu but have windows pc? Now, you can transform your windows pc into Ubuntu. No, it does not mean you can change the operating system; you can change the look of your pc into the Ubuntu operating system. In this way, every time you turn on your pc, you will feel like you are using Ubuntu and not windows 10. In the classic Ubuntu style, the theme will transform your taskbar to the left side of the screen. The theme also comes with a host of other features. You can change the keyboard shortcuts and even the color theme.

Windows 95:

If there is a Windows XP theme, then there is no way that there will not be a Windows 95 theme. The predecessor to Windows XP cannot be so easily forgotten. Though kids today will not remember it, as it happens with the developers they still do and hence have created a theme that brings back all that memories. The theme brings back the native style of the Windows 95 to your latest windows pc. It brings back the gradient title bars, the rectangular and contrasting buttons, and the sound effects. Transform your pc into one from the ’90s right now!

macOS Sierra:

Yet another mac theme on this list. This theme is an exact replica of macOS and transforms your windows pc into looking exactly like a MacBook. If you are someone who has just switched to windows from mac, it may take a while for you to get used to it. The operating system is completely different from each other. But you can make it easier for you by installing the macOS sierra theme on your Windows PC. Then you can have a windows pc disguised as a MacBook. The theme other than the look also has many mac apps like the Launchpad, Finder, etc.

3D Theme:

The name of the theme just puts it out there. It includes some amazing high-definition images that make your desktop screen look stunning and also gives off a 3D feel. The images mostly include abstract art and geometric designs. You can get this theme on ThemePack. Make your pc look ultra-cool with this 3D theme.

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XP Theme:

The most popular Windows operating system – Windows XP has been long dead, and Microsoft has stopped providing support to this windows version. But you can bring back memories and make your desktop look like Windows XP with that unmistakable grassland background picture. Make sure that you have UxStyle installed before downloading this theme.


This theme is for all those Otakus and Anime fans. Anime is undoubtedly one of the best things that Japan has gifted the world with, and the popularity of anime can be measured from the fact that there are countless themes based on animes for windows 10. You can avail of this theme on ThemePack.

If you want more options, you can go to the Microsoft store. It has a huge number of themes. Since the themes mentioned above are mostly from other websites than the official Microsoft store, you need to read the instructions properly on the developer’s page before you install them. The majority of the themes come with step-by-guide to help you through the process.

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