How to Check the Internet Speed with the Xfinity Speed Test

The Xfinity Speed test, which is also known as the Comcast Speed Test, is software that tests the speed of the internet used by you. This test is a free tool which is internet-based and helps you to check the availability of the bandwidth for the internet you have opted for. In simpler words, using the Xfinity Speed test, you get a basic idea as to how fast can you upload or download information using your internet connection. This is has a huge impact on the movies you watch and the music you listen to using the internet. You can also check the rate of the download which in turn gives you an idea of how long it is going to take to download a file of your choice and also lets you know how quick your internet browsing would look like.

Comcast/XFINITY Speed Test: A Full Review


To begin with the positive note, the webpage gives you the vibe of technology with its modern graphics and appearance. Comparing it with the other speed tests websites both on the laptop and the smartphone, they happen to be one of the best-looking speed tests available right now. One of the interesting things about Xfinity Speed test is that it has no on-screen ads which are likely to slow down the potential internet and might be a reason to slow down even during testing. One more plus point is, it lets you choose your location for testing.

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Review Methodology:

Is it accurate in its results? There are so many factors which affect it and one of them being that there are so many variables that have their influence on your Xfinity Speed Test results.  It is wrong to say that the Xfinity Speed test is 100 % trustworthy. It is mostly similar to the other sites which offer the bandwidth testing. So the problem of not being accurate can’t be blamed on the Xfinity Speed test alone.  However, if you have been using the Xfinity Speed test continuously to find the check if its slow or not, using the tool consistently would give you a little hope of being accurate as it is more like a tracker.

Stay Connected To Home From Anywhere:

The test is flexible, as discussed earlier, one of the advantages of using the Xfinity Speed test is that it offers you to choose your own location for testing. Sometimes by its own choice will choose the nearest testing site which is closer to your location. If you wish to test the speed you get from specific sever using the Xfinity, all you need to do is simply tap on the Advanced Settings tab which is located at the upper right side corner of the laptop screen or the smartphone to use a drop-down menu which is of all most all the Xfinity testing sites situated in America.

Download Speed:

If you are a movie buff, who loves to download the latest movies online or download songs and games for your laptop or smartphones, knowing the download speed of each file is important. Most of the movies and game applications have huge chunks of files which uses up the internet you have opted for. These huge hunks might even slow down the download speed. Therefore knowing the capacity of the internet speed, you have opted for you can decide to download the files. So you can save up time as well as the internet packs you have opted for.

Upload Speed:

If your work is based only on the internet which is solely based on quick uploading of files, then your internet speed matters. Having good work at your hand and a poor network or slow internet matters would cost you your bonus and your valuable time. Acting smart during such situations is necessary; Xfinity shall come into your help as it will help you know the speed of upload of the internet service you are using. So next time before uploading a file, you know what to do.

IPv6 Vs. IPv4

IPv4 is comparatively faster than IPv6 when a speed test was conducted. One main thing to keep in mind is the location. Location plays a major role in determining the speed of both the IPv4 and IPv6. For a normal human, the difference is not much; the difference is in seconds, which is a very small fraction and doesn’t affect you if you are a normal browser. However, IPv6’s stability is less compared to the IPv4; more outliners are generated.  Ipv6 has additional headers when compared to IPv4. Thus this might influence the difference.

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Xfinity speed test has an option of latency measurement. It shows the duration of the round trip journey taken by the data from your location to a server and back to your location. It can be related to a “lag.” This lag matters when you are a gamer who games all day long or someone who is a frequent video caller. If you are using social media such as Facebook or Instagram, latency doesn’t matter much. Xfinity speed test results show that the latency is quite similar or on the same grounds as other cable providers. Which also means that it is quite good for the majority of users? The only group of people that might have an issue with the latency performance of Xfinity would be professional gamers.


Like any other thing, the Xfinity speed test also has its advantages and disadvantages. But it’s important to note that the advantages this carries are more than the disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to choose your preferred testing location, which only a few competitors have. Another ad on to the many advantages it provides is the sleek and modern interface that’s easy on the eyes. Another advantage that might seem silly yet very important is that the advertisements do not take any screen space.  And thus, because its pros dominate its cons, it makes Xfinity still one of the most recommend speed tests.

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